Charlotte Tripp

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The opportunity to earn a British Psychological Society accredited degree and the career prospects for graduates were major factors in my decision to study Psychology here.

The neuroscience and research modules on my course perfectly prepared me for my placement, giving me a thorough understanding of the research methods used in the field and a background knowledge of the field of neuroscience.

Now as a final year student, I am currently looking forward to graduating and potentially continuing straight into full-time work with the University of Cambridge, where I worked during my placement year.

Charlotte Tripp

I made use of the University’s fantastic graduate-employer connections and extensive careers support, which helped me to secure a placement at the University of Cambridge.

During my placement I worked in an applied social sciences group making policy influencing research. The placement was invaluable in providing me with first-hand experience in a professional environment.

It also allowed me to build my confidence and develop my academic writing skills, as well as helping me to realise the possibility of working in both research and clinical psychology.

Following my placement, I have been offered a research assistant role with the department to start when I have completed my degree, as well as being made an offer of postgraduate study.

I believe that the skills and experience I have gained during my degree have been essential to helping me get a job offer before graduation, as well as preparing me for postgraduate study and my future career.

Now in my final year, I plan to continue in my voluntary role with the Athletic Union exec through the Coach and Volunteer Academy. This will enable me to further build skills that will help me in my future career and ensure that I graduate with the experience to flourish in my future career.

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