Athul Murali

Placement student, International student

As a Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning (SIOP) Industrial Placement Student at Collins Aerospace, my responsibilities included effectively balancing supply and demand, improving SIOP processes, generating and reviewing demand KPIs, supporting Production Planners in generating demand metrics, SIOP reporting and review cycle and ensuring the forecast is loaded into the Enterprise Resource Planning.

Some of the projects I was assigned included implementing a turnback system for the site, Transferring the Preventative Maintenance Checks to a new system for the Facilities team and Aligning the Sales Order process for the site.

Finally, the apprentices and placement students were tasked with creating a business plan to reduce the site's energy consumption by 15%, which required extensive research and collaboration with other departments.

The Careers Network helped proofread and compile my CV. They were also helpful in letting us know of any job postings on a regular basis via emails or the portal. Funnily enough, I found this SIOP role for Collins Aerospace on the Careers Network Portal.

Athul Murali

My course helped me better understand the customer, their products, the workings of these products and how they finally fit into the final product. The various group projects in my course helped me develop my communication and man-management skills which I was able to transfer into the workplace and played a vital role.

I hope to transfer time management skills, project management experience and software skills that I have developed in my placement year into my final year which were my main shortcomings in the past.

My internship at Collins Aerospace has resulted in an offer to return for a graduate role directly after completing my degree.

I hope to explore various other functions in the Aerospace Industry to increase my scope of knowledge and use my skills developed as an Aeronautical Engineer in my roles. My placement has set me up well to develop a career in the Aviation Industry and create a wide network which is incredibly beneficial at the start of one’s career.

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