Amie Woodyatt

I'd decided that Loughborough was for me once I'd seen the course modules, as they looked perfect for my interests.

Visiting twice on open days made my conviction to study at Loughborough stronger as the lecturers were helpful, even advising me on A Level coursework references, and the department seemed close-knit and friendly. 

My favorite thing about Loughborough is the extracurricular activities, particularly Loughborough Students' Union Media. In my first year I tried out several positions with them, but settled into Label, the student-run magazine. I'm now the Editor and produce daily content, which is eye-opening, challenging and gives me plenty of opportunities to meet new people.

It's also great to take a break from my degree with something that people have complimented me on. Label have produced some brilliant content this year, and the team have had praise from students, staff and the public alike. 

I'm not completely decided on what career I'd like in the future so by choosing a mix of academic and creative modules throughout my degree, I'm hoping to gain a high level of skills such as: communication, digital, humanities and creative ability. Due to the range of modules, English leaves my career path quite broad, which is perfect for me. 

I really enjoy the individuality of the module coursework, and the openness of lecturers. In first year during 'Narrative Forms and Fiction', I was torn between writing an essay on DC's 'Watchmen’ or writing an original short story. When discussing with my lecturer, she proposed that I create an extract of an original comic; a new brief was made for the coursework, and I achieved my highest mark of the year. 

Lecturers in the English department are brilliant; whether I've had personal or academic issues, I feel comfortable discussing things through with them.

Amie Woodyatt

Of those who I have had more meetings with, they have taken time to help me through essays, organisation, or just chat about Loughborough which adds to the friendly atmosphere in the department.

The small department also means that everyone is close together, so if I am working in the breakout space, I can easily bump into anyone. 

This year especially, I have accepted more support for mental health, and the department have been incredibly supportive. Lecturers have encouraged me to take time for myself and to work around times which suit me. While I occasionally need to take days off, I know that I can contact my lecturers to discuss what I've missed and what I can do to stay up to date.

It's also great to know that I always have my department to go to. 

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To anyone thinking of coming to Loughborough, I’d say do it. Like any other university, Loughborough offers degrees, but they also offer support, a huge range of extracurricular activities, and across-the-board high league table rankings.

You don't just study at Loughborough, you can write for a magazine, learn kickboxing, or join a fighting robot society - whatever floats your boat. It's also a green and open campus, so there are plenty of places to work, walk and try new things.

For English especially, the campus offers a friendly department and a large library, with an amazing team of lecturers. Definitely come to Loughborough and make sure to get involved. 

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