Anita Luo

International student, Current student

Subject area

I have always wanted to do a (chemical) science or related degree. I found out about Loughborough when I changed my mind on my degree course (at the very last moment, and hence clearing) – Loughborough is a well-ranked university.

Also, the career aspects which Loughborough University offer tops other universities in the UK. The (green) campus, teaching and facilities are also known to be one of the best in the country.

I enjoy most of my modules - particularly engineering drawing. I found CAD very interesting and requires problem-solving skills – it’s like figuring out a puzzle. In fact, there are a lot of skills involved, such as business (accounting and marketing), software (MatLab and CAD), as well as design. The course is challenging, and I have learnt to think outside the box.

Anita Luo

I recommend my course to anyone seeking academic challenges. It will definitely support and influence your future career in some way.

There are loads of opportunities for support from Loughborough. In the department there is the student voice (programme rep, peer mentor), departmental sports, personal tutors and group tutors.

From the University there is Learn, IoM3 and EMMS (materials institute), the Careers Network, My Lifestyle, the hall warden and sub wardens and finally security.

Anita Luo

The social atmosphere is great, and I am able to meet people with different interests and social styles. The activities are well-organised and aimed for people from various backgrounds – it is often a good way to get to know more people!

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