At Loughborough we aim to take your natural enthusiasm for physics and inspire you to delve deeper into this rich and constantly advancing discipline.

Why choose Physics at Loughborough?

From the description of everyday and exotic natural phenomena to generating almost all of today’s technologies, physics has had the most transformative effect of any discipline. A physics degree provides the necessary foundation to understand the world around us from fundamental particles and the behaviour of black holes to all aspects of the modern smartphone.

At Loughborough you will join a community of physicists who are deeply involved in both fundamental research and in shaping the next generation of technologies that will transform the world around us. We are passionate about instilling within our students the physical insight and confidence to shape tomorrow’s world.

This is a suite of brand new and revised courses that provide an integrated and coherent development of the subject. All courses take advantage of recent changes to national standards (to which Loughborough actively contributed).

Our courses represent a novel and exciting way to study physics at a higher level. They offer a common core and opportunities to specialise in theoretical physics, mathematical physics or more applied aspects of the discipline.

We have lots of great physics courses to choose from

...most of which are accredited

Our courses are currently accredited by the Institute of Physics (IoP). We are working closely with the IoP to ensure that our new and revised courses continue to benefit from accreditation.

You'll have the opportunity to go on a placement year or study abroad for a year

A year out can be spent working in paid employment as a scientist in industry in the UK or overseas. Alternatively, the year can be spent studying at a university abroad.

...and the chance to go on a field trip!

Opportunities exist to see physics in action through visits to laboratories across the country.

There are lots of great career opportunities in physics

As a physicist you will be highly numerate, analytical, logical and a creative problem solver – skills valued by employers in all sectors, including commerce.

We offer a flexible route to get your degree

OpenPlus in partnership with the Open University. Loughborough University, in partnership with the Open University, offers a flexible route to a degree in physics for those without the traditional entry requirements.

In the first stage you will gain a thorough grounding in physics and mathematics through two or three years of part-time study with the Open University, while living at home. Course material will be delivered by post and electronically and you will have the support from a tutor and other Open University staff. The modules you will study are:

  • Essential mathematics 1
  • Skills for Practical Science (residential school)
  • The Physical World
  • Practical science: Physics and Astronomy (with optional residential school)

On successful completion of the above you will be able to transfer into the second year of the Physics, Engineering Physics or Physics with Astrophysics and Cosmology courses at Loughborough, and will expect to graduate with a Loughborough BSc (or MPhys) degree after a further two (or three) years of full-time study.

You'll have access to facilities across campus

My lecturers are always friendly and approachable; the resources provided for studying and learning are also excellent.

Miraal BSc Engineering Physics