Life on campus

We’re lucky to have such a beautiful place to call home – our stunning single-site campus is the University’s most glorious asset, measuring 523 acres in total (that equates to 8,368 tennis courts or approximately 348 football pitches!)

Living on campus

Despite its incredible size, everything you need for a convenient student life is within close walking distance. To get to academic buildings, sports pitches, the Students’ Union and our halls of residence, you will be strolling through our wonderfully maintained open spaces and gardens. In 2018/19, our campus was awarded Green Flag status which recognises the nation’s best green spaces.

When it comes to our abundant facilities, you’ll be spoilt for choice. On campus, we have bars, restaurants, cafés, dining halls, hotels, two gyms, a medical centre and pharmacy, an opticians, a dental practice, a hairdressers, launderettes, a taxi rank and a large nightclub.

There is never a shortage of activities to get involved in during your free time on campus. Loughborough has a huge range of clubs, societies and events – all of which have unique social calendars of their own and offer endless opportunities to make lifelong friends.

Day-to-day, the campus itself has a lively atmosphere with more than 20,000 students and staff from over 130 different countries. There is a strong sense of community and a real buzz, just what you would expect from a university that continues to be popular in national and international student polls.

Campus living offers everything you could ask for – and possibly more! We’re all about convenience and community where one thing is for sure, you’ll never go far without seeing a friendly face.

Take a tour

As our campus is so large, it can sometimes be difficult to imagine where our facilities, halls and lecture rooms are located in relation to one another. Join us on this quick whistle-stop tour which help us to put things into perspective for you.

Caring for our environment

Loughborough is proudly accredited by ISO 14001, which is the world’s most recognised environmental standard that supports organisations like our University to set up and effective environmental management system.

We care about sustainability and preserving our environment as far as practicable – this includes recycling, reducing waste, conserving energy and using renewable sources, as well as protecting wildlife on campus such as our precious honeybee population.

Aside from students with disabilities or with exceptional circumstances, we encourage all our students not to bring cars onto campus and instead, to opt for the University shuttle bus to help us reduce our emissions.

Our green outlook is also an integral part of our teaching, as all of our schools/departments run degree courses that include sustainability related modules.