Will Chartier

Research Student

Will Chartier working in a lab

A major part of my research revolves around biofuels.

I believe this area is becoming ever more important in the fight against climate change. We need biofuels to replace current fuels for many vital steps in a net zero carbon planet. We need to fill the gap where electric technology still lags behind, notably in industrial and agricultural equipment, long haul aircraft and the maritime industry. We also need to help developing and emerging economies around the world transition to biofuels until electric vehicle technology becomes more democratic and charging infrastructure reaches the most rural parts of the world.

Not only is pursuing research in this area fascinating and pertinent but it is also a rapidly expanding industry where career opportunities are ever increasing and will continue to be so in the future.

Post 16 Education: I graduated school with an International Baccalaureate in Paris then went on to complete a science and engineering foundation program.

Higher Education: BEng in Automotive Materials 

Will’s experience as a student

My student experience was phenomenal.

I met many different people from all walks of life, tried countless new experiences, such as starting a society, partaking in various sports, taking positions of leadership such as student representative and peer mentor. My student experience was also rich in social life and helped me grow into a well-rounded educated adult and I wouldn’t want my student experience to be any different if I had to do it again.

My favourite topic I studied was sustainability as not only was it interesting but was also extremely informative in how to build a sustainable future for the planet, such an important issue currently.


I am currently in my second year of my PhD. My research involves nanocomposites and having done an undergraduate degree in materials engineering and a placement year in a company specialising in composite materials the progress from undergraduate to postgraduate was very smooth as my progression was centred around the same subject area. My placement year not only increase my experience and knowledge of the subject, it taught me work ethic, professionalism and time management. I really feel it helped me feel comfortable starting my PhD.

Will’s advice

Travel and learn a new language. Experience different cultures and diverse environments.

Exploring the world is a wonderful experience that will greatly contribute to making you a well rounded, culturally aware and experienced individual and these qualities will greatly help in later in life.

Learning a new language is like unlocking a new part of the world. Not only is knowing another language a huge asset in your professional development but it also gains you exposure to many people that you would not meet otherwise

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