I first joined Loughborough University to study MSc Physics and I really enjoyed my final project which related to AdS/CFT correspondence. What I enjoyed more than anything was the research; I have always wanted to be a scientist ever since I was young, so I was inspired to undertake a PhD to allow me to keep doing research and fulfil my dream.

My PhD project focuses on using layered system hyperbolic metamaterials as a model to develop a cosmology object like the black hole or Big Bang. Electromagnetic waves have the same behaviours in hyperbolic metamaterials and around cosmology objects; this relation gives us the chance to develop both electromagnetic devices and cosmology areas.

As a PhD researcher, my day usually consists of getting to the office for 9am. As my research is related to theoretical works, during the morning you might find me reading papers or calculating equations in my office. I generally take my lunch break at 1pm, and then in the afternoon I continue the research I was doing in the morning, to further progress the research study. I carry out most of my research within the Wolfson Building, which is great because it is so close to the Holywell Fitness Centre, where I like to go to the gym after I have finished my research for the day. After I have finished in the gym, I walk home, take a shower, have some dinner and relax for the evening.


I love how close everything is in Loughborough, and one of the reasons I originally decided to come to Loughborough is because I prefer a town to a big city, as a town makes me feel more comfortable. Loughborough University also has a high level of student satisfaction and performs well in university league tables. After my master’s I decided to stay at Loughborough to do my PhD because it is the perfect place for doing research; I think the facilities available, quality of teaching and the support from the academics are all so important to enable good quality research to be undertaken. All of the academics I have worked with have been very kind and patient with me; their enthusiasm and attitude has been great to see, and it has shown me how to be a good researcher.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my PhD; if you have an interest in a particular research area and you want to learn more, I would recommend a PhD at Loughborough. You will work with some of the most enthusiastic academics and fellow PhD students, and will learn so much about your chosen research area.

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