Alumnus, International student

Loughborough University is well-known for its outstanding academic achievement and high student satisfaction within the Chinese sport community.

After I graduated from Beijing Sport University, I consulted experts in sport science about where to further my studies and they all spoke highly of Loughborough.

During my time here, I have been able to study and experience a variety of disciplines in musculoskeletal sport science, from molecular mechanisms of cells and tissue activity to the movement of the human body, as well as the complex dynamics and interdependencies of sport performance.

The multidisciplinary nature of the degree has enhanced my understanding of sport science, as well as laying a solid foundation for me to pursue my future career in the field. My time at Loughborough has really helped me to shape my future career path.


After returning to China, I co-founded a company called JTSportech Sport Science and Technology, offering sport science and sport performance analysis services to elite sports organisations and teams in China.

We have been lucky enough to work with the top rugby team in China, helping them to win the National Games in 2021. We were later invited to work with the Chinese national rugby team.

I was appointed as the Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach, Head of Sport Performance Analysis, and Head of Sport Performance for both the men and women’s national rugby sevens team. I was able to bring my team of sport scientists and analysts to work for the national squad. 

We were also lucky enough to help the team win the Asia rugby sevens championships, as well as the bronze medal in the 2023 World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series.

I incorporate a lot of what I have learned from the course at Loughborough University into the evidence-based practice we offer to the coaches and players. For example, training periodisation design, training session improvements, recovery strategies, game day nutrition and hydration protocol, daily sport biomechanics monitoring, key injury prevention and player’s return-to-play.

I started my PhD in October 2023, focusing on the application of ecological dynamics and complex dynamical system theory in performance analysis and preparation of rugby sevens.

Dr Daniel Fong encouraged this choice. His encouragement and instruction during my time at Loughborough University has played a significant role in my determination to pursue higher level sport science.

At the beginning of the course, I struggled due to my English proficiency, and was lacking some of the theoretical backgrounds needed for some modules. However, I received lots of support from the staff during my time at the University, allowing me to succeed.

Beside my course, I took voluntary work as a football coach in a local football club, Loughborough Dynamo Gold’s U13 teams, as well as working as the strength and conditioning coach for the Loughborough Chinese Football Club. 

These experiences allowed me to exercise the principles and knowledge that I acquired from the course and put them into a real context.

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