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Before starting my MSc at Loughborough, I had studied my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering in India. The combination of diverse modules, a flexible curriculum, and outstanding industry links confirmed that Loughborough University was the perfect destination to complete my master’s degree.

The Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering is renowned for its strong industry links, which was one of the contributing factors when I chose to study the programme; it's played a crucial role in my overall learning experience. Throughout the duration of my course, I've been presented with a diverse range of industry-based research projects to consider for my final dissertation, which wouldn’t have been an option without the school’s excellent relationships with world-leading organisations.

The quality of teaching is fantastic; all my lecturers and professors have demonstrated high levels of competence and expertise in their retrospective fields, whilst ensuring the course content is engaging and interactive. The modules on the course are comprehendible for anyone who may have a background in Mechanical Engineering but the key element being they are streamlined towards practical application. As a result of this, I found the transition from my bachelor's degree in India, a highly accessible and smooth process.


Most modules on the programme featured guest lecturers from relevant industries who would advocate the various sectors in which I could pursue a career upon completion of my MSc.  It truly opened my eyes to the impact that engineers will have on the rapidly changing global market and this has hugely inspired me to consider how I want to make a difference in our future world. 

My research project involves applying finite element analysis to investigate the mechanical impact on human skin cells. The project requires using simulation of advanced materials and modelling processes related to these materials using finite element modelling techniques. This is a one-of-a-kind multi-disciplinary approach that if further expanded, I believe will be immensely valuable to the healthcare industry.

I have received an incredible level of support from my personal tutor and project supervisor during my time at Loughborough who aided me to overcome many obstacles, whether they be personal or programme related. I can say with confidence that the academics at Loughborough are extremely accommodating and committed; they have gone above and beyond to ensure I reach my true potential and capabilities.

My greatest accomplishment during my time so far at Loughborough is becoming the very best version of myself. The University has been remarkably instrumental in my personal growth. Completing this MSc has given me the ability to view the world in new ways and my advice to anyone considering studying this programme is to believe in yourself and never be afraid to seek advice when needed.

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