My research project focuses on studying gas plasma interactions with liquids. It has become of great interest to researchers as it provides new scientific challenges and emerging technological opportunities for plasma applications. For example, plasma in medicine includes the direct treatment of human cells with plasma, wound healing, plasma in environment protection includes disinfection, plasma technology includes surface cleaning, surface coating, surface etching, lightings, welding, spraying and lots more. Gas plasma interactions with liquids is a new area of research and I am really interested to unravel new things. I imagine what could be expected, so it is even better to experiment it myself.

Immediately after my first degree in Mathematics, I was employed as an Assistant Lecturer in a federal institution of learning in Nigeria. I actually came to Loughborough University in 2015 for my MSc in Industrial Mathematical Modelling, finished in 2016 and was given a PhD scholarship which started in October 2016.

I chose Loughborough as I attended an education fair back in Nigeria where I had the opportunity to speak to representatives from different UK universities; I spoke with a member of the International Office from Loughborough University. From that moment I knew Loughborough University was the "home outside Nigeria" that I sought for. I looked at the prospectus and module content of my course and I was truly satisfied and ready to start my Loughborough journey. Loughborough University had everything I imagined - real academic content, laboratory exercises, sports (I play tennis), culture and leisure (I dance salsa).


I enjoy a lot of things about studying my PhD at Loughborough! I love the fact that my 'complete' life is all within the University. I can play tennis for two hours and return to the computer laboratory to continue my simulations without having to travel down to town; I can go for my salsa dance classes at the Students' Union and still return to the office to move on with my studies, and the gym is always available. My funding is also something I am grateful for. The multicultural nature of the University makes me happy and has given me the great privilege of making friends from different part of the world.

For me, finding a balance between the academic and social life is the most important thing. PhD gives an opportunity to become an expert in a specific area and develop new things too. Unlike undergraduate and master's, PhD gives you a consistent creative ability and independence. I love it! A complete day for me as a PhD student will include lots of academic work, a few cups of coffee, sport/leisure activity (for me, it's either tennis or salsa dance), good food and a good night's rest.

In five years’ time, I hopefully will have made great forward movements in my lecturing career and must have discovered something great in gas plasma interactions with liquids.

If you are interested in studying for a PhD, I would recommend you stay focused and you must have a passion for what you want to study, else it is not worth the stress.

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