Mauricio Villamayor

Alumnus, International student

Subject area

Mauricio was a recipient of the Chevening Scholarship, which is a fully-funded scholarship supported by the Commonwealth and FCDO.

What made you choose Loughborough University?

What attracted me to study in Loughborough was the prestige of its Design School in the UK, especially when it comes to their User Experience master's degree. As someone that’s interested in inclusion in digital products, it really stood out to me how my course had a different approach when it comes to this subject: while other universities have modules around accessibility from a technical perspective, Loughborough had a holistic approach to inclusion that helps students understand beyond the technical elements of it. 

What difference has the Chevening Scholarship made to you?

As a someone working over a decade in my field, I’d say that the Chevening Scholarship boosted my self-confidence as a professional and helped me understand how to achieve my goals through concrete actions. Additionally, I’d say that connecting with the Chevening community helped me get inspired by other scholar’s stories on how to make a positive change in our community. 

What has been the best part of your time at Loughborough so far?

As Loughborough is in the Midlands in the UK, I really enjoyed discovering the English countryside and the UK as a whole. As transport is easily accessible, throughout this year I’ve been able to visit over 20 cities, which made me appreciate the British life and its beautiful fields. 

Any advice for those considering applying for a Chevening Scholarship/to Loughborough? 

To aspiring Chevening Scholars I’d advise to think big, and beyond the scholarship. Coming to the UK to study is definitely something that will transform you on a professional and personal level but it is important not to lose focus. Think about your overarching goal in life, how do you want to impact your community and think strategically about how Chevening will help you achieve those things.

Mauricio Villamayor
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