International student, Alumna

As a student at Loughborough University, I cherished the sense of belonging fostered by the welcoming campus environment, supportive staff, diverse student body and state-of-the-art facilities – it truly felt like a bubble.

Why did you choose to study MSc Marketing?

I pursued an MSc in Marketing to harness my creative skills and passion for arts and design within a dynamic industry that values innovation. Marketing provides a platform for sharing my artwork and ideas on a larger scale, allowing me to connect with a broader audience and contribute to brands' success. This field aligns with my interests and offers the potential for a lucrative career, making it an ideal choice to combine passion and financial stability. In addition to providing comprehensive business knowledge, studying Marketing equips me with versatile skills, preparing me for a successful and adaptable future in the field.

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough?

I selected Loughborough University for my studies due to its distinguished reputation as one of the foremost institutions in the UK (ranked in the top 10). What intrigues me about Loughborough is its holistic approach to education, combining a strong emphasis on teaching and research excellence. Furthermore, the University's robust connections with various businesses and industries offer invaluable opportunities for students like me to gain practical, hands-on experience directly related to our fields of study. Remarkably, Loughborough supports entrepreneurial endeavours by providing essential resources for students to develop their business ideas. Moreover, as a professional athlete, I was deeply impressed by the University's outstanding sporting achievements, making it an ideal environment for me to pursue academic and athletic excellence.

I chose to pursue an MSc in Marketing at Loughborough University because it promises direct teaching from experts, delivering theoretical knowledge and practical insights. The programme's focus on the innovation process, digital marketing and social media platforms, along with the opportunity to work on a leading brand project, aligns perfectly with the evolving marketing landscape. Furthermore, including the Chartered Institute of Marketing's Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing as part of the programme provides a significant advantage by enhancing my qualifications and employability, making this programme an ideal choice for my career aspirations.

What were you doing before starting the programme?

After completing my Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a minor in Marketing from Northern Illinois University in 2018, I pursued a career as a professional athlete in my home country, Jamaica. In addition, I started working as a freelance tutor in 2020 to assist children with their studies during the pandemic.

What did you love the most about your programme?

I enjoyed my programme because it allowed me to engage with students from diverse backgrounds and benefit from their unique viewpoints and experiences. These interactions and marketing material for the lectures enabled me to analyse case studies effectively and complete real-world projects.

Tell us about a favourite project/module on your programme.

My ‘Brand Management’ project was one of the most exciting projects I worked on during my studies. In this project, I had to create a copycat brand based on a selected identification brand, and I chose to imitate Ariel's detergent. To achieve this, I had to apply all the branding principles I learned in class and thoroughly research the original brand to create something unique from scratch. The designing aspect of the project was fascinating, especially creating the label for the copycat brand, which I named Ariana, and adding special features to it. This project was also my highest distinction in the course.

What kind of support did you receive from the University?

Throughout my academic journey, I was fortunate to have professors who were always available to answer my queries regarding their assignments. They also provided me with helpful tips on how to complete my assignments successfully. As the submission deadline approached, I experienced anxiety, but with assistance from Student Services, I overcame it and submitted my projects on time.

How has your time at Loughborough developed your employability?

Throughout my academic journey, I have engaged in various extracurricular activities that have allowed me to develop my skills and abilities. As an executive team member for Ignite Youth Ministry Club, I attended weekly meetings that helped me hone my communication skills and express myself confidently. Furthermore, serving as a member of the Business School student council and a course representative enabled me to interact with stakeholders at different levels, enhancing my problem-solving and communication abilities.

I firmly believe in volunteerism and was proud to participate in a ‘Rag raid’ that raised funds for Alzheimer's Research in Tottenham Court Road Station, London. This experience allowed me to showcase my dedication beyond the classroom and better understand an issue close to my heart.

As a student athlete, I developed numerous valuable skills such as time management, organisation, problem-solving, resilience, adapting to diverse and fast-paced environments, and teamwork. These abilities have proved invaluable throughout my academic and personal life, and I am grateful for the opportunities that enabled me to cultivate them. I also improved my resume and cover letter writing skills by utilising the resources provided by the Careers Network. I also learned the STAR technique to showcase my strengths during interviews.  

What new skills/perspectives did you develop on the programme?

Throughout the course, I had the opportunity to acquire new skills and expand my knowledge. My presentation abilities were notably enhanced and I gained valuable insights into managing stage fright while giving speeches. Furthermore, I obtained proficiency in digital marketing and social media. I became well-versed in marketing concepts like CRM and SEO, which I can now confidently apply in my professional endeavours. The course also gave me a solid foundation in marketing and business methodologies like SOSTAC, RACE, the Ansoff Matrix and the BCG Matrix, which I can utilise to conduct market research and create effective marketing strategies.

What are your career aspirations following your MSc?

Upon completing my MSc, I aim to launch my career at the University, where I plan to gain practical experience in the field and develop effective marketing strategies that showcase the University's unique attributes to prospective students. After a few years, I intend to transition to a corporate company, preferably in the sports marketing industry, where I can continue to grow my skills and demonstrate my enthusiasm for sports. Furthermore, I aspire to start my own online fashion business.

What would you say to someone considering studying at Loughborough?

If you're considering studying at Loughborough University, you're in for a great experience. Don't worry – your lecturers are invested in your success and will help you gain the best knowledge from your course. Make the most of the resources available, such as the Careers Network and Student Services, and don't forget to have fun! Join a club or sports team and look for ways to stand out on your resume by volunteering or pursuing other opportunities.

What was your favourite thing about being a Loughborough student?

As a student at Loughborough University, I cherished the sense of belonging fostered by the welcoming campus environment, supportive staff, diverse student body and state-of-the-art facilities – it truly felt like a bubble.

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