I chose the part-time Water Management for Development distance learning master's degree at Loughborough University because it was highly commended by my peers and a perfect fit given my work experience in groundwater management and my undergraduate education in information systems and technology.

Help with work-life balance

Transitioning to a new university without the need to relocate has been a fantastic advantage for me as it allows me to have a great study-work-family balance. All lecturers have been incredibly supportive and approachable whenever I have needed help with my studies. Programme directors have also been really helpful with sharing various scholarship opportunities and financial aid information.

Real world application

I am the Secretary of the International Water Association (IWA) Groundwater Specialist Group where I have engaged in various projects from article writing for The Source Magazine to developing a guidebook for groundwater management. The Water Management for Development degree has helped me articulate water science matters more accurately throughout my work and handle projects that would have otherwise appeared too complex.

I got a job managing a borehole drilling company after my undergraduate studies. After 10 years of working in the industry, I knew that this was definitely the career path that I wanted to pursue and it became imperative to gain some solid knowledge of water management. This degree will enable me to have more confidence in my work and pursue more challenging opportunities in the water sector.

Learning from experts

The knowledge I have gained from both lecturers and students has been so inspiring, particularly learning from those who have done fieldwork within the water management field. This has helped me get a more thorough understanding of the industry and its diversity. Recently, I oversaw the implementation of a rural water project, which received highly positive comments from the director of the company. I accredit that to the knowledge I have acquired here at Loughborough University.

Julia Gathu
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