Jui Padte

International student, Current student

With 5 years of work experience in India, I wanted to further improve my education in construction. Looking at universities that offer the latest technical courses in this field, Loughborough University is ranked in the top 10 universities in the UK with outstanding accreditations, and the School has been teaching construction at postgraduate level longer than any other university in the UK.

‌Excellent facilities

The well-equipped computer labs have all the latest software you’ll need in the industry. They can be accessed at any time, or you can use remote access facilities, which is really unique. Since I did not have a high-end configuration device to support software related to my academics, the lab facilities available were a huge help to me. The LinkedIn Learning facility, which is free for Loughborough students, also helped me brush up on my technical skills. The lectures are also recorded, meaning I got to access them any time for further guidance during exam season.‌

Making a difference

Loughborough’s staff are proficient in educating on a global level, allowing me to bring the knowledge gained of the ever-evolving Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry back to my home country. For my dissertation, I am investigating the evaluation of transport sector projects, leading to proposing new softer pavements across the UK for the safety of pedestrians. I am currently in the process of analysing the experiences of road users, and I aim to get valuable inputs from industry experts to incorporate feasible solutions that would benefit the transport sector.

Boosting careers

With my existing experience in the infrastructure sector, I aspire to become a construction project manager. My degree from Loughborough will help me progress in my career as it exhibits my knowledge of the latest technical aspects required in transforming the construction industry. The programme covers all important topics in the industry to make my career goals a reality, including low-energy buildings, federated building information modelling, and construction law and contracts.

My end goal is to start my own technical consultancy firm while empowering more women to join the industry and my time at the University has helped me develop my confidence and realise my strengths. I can now confidently lead and guide any multidisciplinary team for a successful outcome of any project.

‌Hands-on learning

The campus at Loughborough is one of the best I have ever seen, with warm and friendly people around. My personal favourite experience has been the trip to The Lindley Centre (Hollowford) as part of our building and project management exercise in the first semester. We were exposed to multiple challenges that we had to tackle together as a group. Despite being completely new to the University and not knowing all my peers well, we managed to nail the extreme challenges by working together and helping each other.

Group photo outdoors with a big group of students on a rainy day.

Jui Padte
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