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Upon completing my bachelor's at Loughborough University, I was drawn to the campus atmosphere and academic excellence. Continuing my studies there for a postgraduate degree felt like the perfect fit. My goal was to merge my aeronautical engineering knowledge with the sports industry.

Loughborough had just launched a Sports Engineering master's program, which aligned perfectly with my aspirations. The university's prestigious reputation in sports assured me that despite being a new course, it would provide a compelling academic experience.

During my studies, the amenities provided by the Wolfson School were well-equipped and allowed you to use facilities shared with other engineering schools, such as the STEM Lab. This enhances your educational experience and enables you to explore the broader campus environment and network with students from various programs.

The support provided by the Wolfson School was outstanding. Whenever I had inquiries or needed guidance, the academic and support staff were readily available to assist, going above and beyond to ensure I had the information and help I needed.

What struck me as particularly impressive was the willingness of the staff to help, even if I wasn't directly affiliated with their specific program. For instance, my postgraduate studies were focused on sports technology, and although my MSc project required 3D printing—outside the scope of my program—the staff at the 3D printing lab in Wolfson enthusiastically guided and taught me the process, despite my initial lack of familiarity with it.

The School has extensive industry connections; the weekly newsletter proved invaluable for job hunting post-graduation, as it regularly featured job openings aligned with my preferences. The university's commitment to facilitating practical connections and student opportunities truly sets it apart.


Loughborough's campus university offering has significantly contributed to fostering a tightly-knit community. The campus's size and layout ensure a constant buzz of activity, making the environment exceptionally vibrant. Numerous events and activities unfold each day, adding to the lively atmosphere.

The campus is also home to many national sporting clubs, making it a hub for top-tier sporting facilities. Even if you aren't a high-performance athlete, you can still access these facilities and maintain a healthy lifestyle in one of the finest environments, distinct from your academic pursuits.

Jonathan, standing in front of a brick wall wearing a purple jumper and a baseball cap looking directly at the camera.

My greatest achievement at Loughborough was making it onto the AU swimming team in my first year, a significant reason for choosing the university. Over the years, I excelled in swimming and BUCS snooker, achieving a runner-up medal this year. Loughborough provides an environment to achieve academic and personal aspirations, making it an ideal place to succeed in any endeavour you set your sights on as a student.

While these achievements may not be directly tied to my academic pursuits, they have been fulfilling on a personal level. Loughborough has taught me the importance of balancing academic success whilst pursuing personal goals.

My future goal is to combine the computational and simulation skills I gained during my undergraduate studies with the product design, testing, and interaction expertise I developed through my Sports Engineering degree. Since undertaking my master's degree, the horizons of opportunity have expanded significantly. I can now explore and pursue positions across various industries, integrating my comprehensive skill set to contribute effectively across multiple R&D environments.

For anyone considering this course, my advice would be to go for it! The program doesn't exclusively revolve around sports applications; it offers a holistic educational experience.

I have had the privilege of being part of this community for several years, and I can confidently say that, regardless of whether you are a one-year postgraduate student or pursuing a longer academic journey, Loughborough University is exceptionally equipped to support you in becoming the very best version of yourself.

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