I am very interested in ecotoxicology, ecology, and water quality. When I came to visit the department, I spoke to a few of the academics, who expressed to me the links to my topics of interest. The module on river ecology had a direct link. I was also open on learning new skills therefore the range of different modules on the programme such as topics on aeolian transport, GIS, and lakes seemed to be perfect for me. Thus, allowing me to be a well-rounded geographer and better allowing me to decide exactly which sector of Geography I would like to specialise on. Added to this, I had a chat with an alumni student who gave me a students view of the course which was very helpful.

I was lucky enough to be a granted a Santander UK scholarship for my hardwork and achievements during my undergraduate degree. I wanted to continue achieving great things and make my family and myself proud. Being the first generation of my family to attend university was also a big factor so I can set an example.  The teaching quality has been great. I have come across lecturers who have been very passionate and a pleasure to be lectured by. Professor Paul Wood, who specialises on river ecology and macroinvertebrates, has been very helpful throughout my degree and especially during my dissertation planning. He taught me fundamental skills that will also be valuable in the future.

The Geography department has a range of laboratories. However, I was also able to make use of the Chemistry department facilities. I reached out to the appropriate staff in the chemistry department to use their instruments for my dissertation such as the Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry instrument. This has allowed me to learn a new skill and develop my project in a more specialised/unique manner.


Most days, I wake up early for the gym or a walk around Loughborough. I then make my way to the geography foyer to do some independent work. I use the geography foyer as my main study area. I then go to lectures and labs when timetabled. During my independent studies in the foyer, I do reading, note making, coursework, and any other tasks. The geography foyer is a great place to work as you can meet with course mates to work on things together if needed. There are usually staff passing by to support and have a chat with you too, so you don’t feel too isolated.

I plan to take a year out where I will travel, volunteer, and apply for graduate jobs in water companies or as an environmental consultant. After a couple years of working in industry, I plan on doing a PhD on ecotoxicology.

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