I am an international student from Kenya, and I chose to study at Loughborough University because it is a top tier university with a programme that is highly regarded globally. Not only this, but I knew that, with my course, I would get exposure to cutting edge techniques that are an important part of my career aspirations to be a Construction Project Manager.

I also knew that studying my course at Loughborough University would give me a chance to network, build connections with some of the best talents globally and learn more about different cultures across the globe.

During the time I have studied my course so far, I can say that a valuable aspect of it has been working with other students from different countries. Experiencing the different perspectives on construction has offered more valuable viewpoints on construction and emerging issues for me.

Furthermore, the course has offered a hands-on approach to learning that has not only helped in grasping concepts but also built my confidence in solving real world problems. As well as this, the academic support that I have received during my time studying has been instrumental in terms of giving me guidance and ensuring I am on track with my learning.


The facilities at Loughborough University have provided avenues to improve my problem-solving skills, which has been especially beneficial for me as an engineering student. Simulations have also offered a hands-on approach to real life scenarios, which has been highly beneficial.

Outside of my course, I have been able to meet a community of like-minded individuals, and this has immensely improved my experience at Loughborough University. The diversity and inclusivity have made me feel that this University is a home away from home.

After graduation, I will be working as a graduate Construction Project Manager. Studying at Loughborough University has allowed me to explore my potential as a resourceful, analytical problem solver, to be a better communicator and a strategic planner.

Lastly, my advice to anyone considering this course is to go for it! Current trends in the engineering industry demand upskilling and Loughborough University has the resources and offers the best experience to ensure you remain capable and well-equipped to serve clients and employers diligently.

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