I was looking for a distance learning course in renewables and saw something online recommending the CREST course. I was initially interested in the course as I was able to complete it through distance learning and part time. I live in Spain, have a family and work full time, so this course was the perfect way for me to fit my studying around my other commitments.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course material throughout. As a distance learning student, the social interaction was also very important and the forums were excellent for meeting other students and getting to know each other. The support I received throughout the course was excellent; the distance learning team have been incredibly supportive and were always able to point me in the right direction for anything that they were not able to help with directly. For the project I had huge support not only from my tutor Murray Thomson but also from the distance learning team and from John Barton. I was also so proud to be awarded the Professor Tony Marmont Award for Best REST MSc Student 2018 – 2019.

The online facilities that Loughborough has are a huge help as a distance learning student. Having access to recorded video lectures and all of the materials available made keeping up with lectures and tutorials so much easier, especially when dealing with complex theories. The forums were really useful as well, and if you are thinking of undertaking a distance learning course, I would recommend you use them as much as you can to get to know other students and tutors. Ask questions often and never assume that because the forum is quiet that nobody else has questions!

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