While I cannot compare my current postgraduate studies to an undergraduate level in the UK, as I did my undergraduate degree in the United States, something which mainly differs between undergraduate and postgraduate study is the format of studying.

We have lectures that are a base for our independent work and assessments. There is more responsibility for the student to do independent reading and deepen your understanding compared to an undergraduate degree.

My lecturers have been very supportive of my studies. I am the only student in my course who is studying part-time because of my swimming career. My semesters look slightly different from the other students, but they know that and designed a plan for me. Whenever I cannot attend a lecture or have a question, I can always reach out to them.


I have been part of Loughborough Swimming since August 2020. It is a great group of student athletes who prepare for the BUCS championships as well as the European, World Championships, and the Olympics. The coaches and staff are experienced professionals and belong to the best in the world. In general, I have never seen a place where so much science and passion is concentrated on sports, like it is at Loughborough University. This year has been challenging with the COVID-19 pandemic; however, we all managed to do the best in the situation we found ourselves in and keep pushing every day to represent Loughborough nationally and internationally.

Combining my athletic and academic life is not always easy, but Loughborough University supports me in many ways to make it possible. I wake up at 5:30am and have my first swim practice from 6:30-8:30am. Then I go home and have a lecture or study before I have lunch. In the afternoon, I will go to my afternoon practice and come home at around 6pm. There is a lot of time in the day, even though there are probably two lectures for full-time students. There are several talks and seminars where a student can participate outside of their regular classes.

I knew after my undergraduate degree that I wanted to continue my studies. I was still looking for so many answers and was looking for an opportunity to do some research in the field I am personally interested in.

The master's in International Financial and Political Relations at Loughborough allows me to write a dissertation for an entire semester where I can focus entirely on my research under the guidance of an advisor. While I am not precisely sure where I want to end up working, I enjoy studying the combination of how politics influences our financial markets and vice versa, so I would like to find a job in these fields after graduation.

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