I wanted to develop my existing knowledge through a more formalised training process. The Systems Engineering Apprenticeship was just what I was looking for.

The course offers a great opportunity to develop skills and learn new things away from a work environment. I find what I learn really applicable to my job and I’m utilising the skills almost immediately after learning them.

Why did you decide to study at Loughborough?

Loughborough is one of the best places to study systems engineering, so choosing to do my apprenticeship here was easy. It’s at the forefront of thinking and the teaching is highly regarded. I enjoy the teaching approach and know that I am learning new techniques and methods, as a lot of them originate from within Loughborough University itself.


Tell us about your background. What have you been doing before starting the course?

I started out at the University of Bristol where I studied Physics, which was really good fun. After graduating, I joined the Royal Navy as an engineer, which is where I was initially introduced to the concept of systems engineering – understanding the whole system and the impact that one part of a system can have on another. Upon leaving the Navy, I continued working as a systems engineer within Defence.

How did you find starting the apprenticeship after time away from education?

I graduated from Bristol in 2014 and started my apprenticeship in 2023, so it had been quite some time. I’ve found it a bit of a learning curve, balancing my day job, my life and my studies. I’m enjoying it, though, and have found my academic tutor a great source of knowledge and advice.

The first coursework was a bit tricky – getting back into academic writing was a challenge. I asked many questions in class and via email and received helpful responses immediately. I also really liked the fact that the tutors took time prior to our teaching weeks to talk us through the software we would be using – a software I had never used before.

How has your experience on the apprenticeship been so far?

I’ve had a very positive experience. The communication about what to do and when is amazing, and all my questions are answered almost straight away. The teaching has been fantastic and the support has been second to none.

What skills have you learned, and how are you using them back in your role?

I’ve learnt how to approach situations using systems thinking and how to step back and consider the whole approach, as well as getting to grips with software I never thought I’d get the chance to use. This formal way of learning has really helped me solidify my skills, and that in turn has helped me feel confident utilising them in my job.

What would you say to someone considering studying this apprenticeship at Loughborough?

Taking on an apprenticeship is a challenge, but it’s also really valuable to anyone working as a systems engineer. The support and teaching I’ve received at Loughborough have really helped me improve my confidence, so I would recommend the course to anyone!

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