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I did my undergraduate Physics degree at Loughborough University from 2013 to 2016. I later did a PGCE and went into teaching science.

After I left the teaching profession, I decided to do a master’s to update my knowledge and help with finding a job. I remembered enjoying the surface science modules that were offered and when I was looking for a taught MSc programme, the materials science content available attracted me to return.

Physics always was my first love within the realm of academia, but I only narrowed down towards physics of surfaces and the materials science aspect in the third year of my undergraduate degree.


I liked how many optional modules there were for customising my degree, particularly from other areas such as materials and engineering. I had a good supervisor, and this made the project work a lot of fun. The staff were always approachable and willing to share their knowledge in and out of the classroom.

I have found that the report writing and analysis skills I learned from doing the project work and various coursework has helped me in my job as an Associate Patent Examiner for the UK Intellectual Property Office, where written communication and analysing the contents of documents in a methodical and logical way is essential.

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