I chose to study at Loughborough as it is renowned for sports related courses and I wanted to give myself the best opportunity for development and career progression - the lecturers and laboratory technicians definitely lived up to my expectations.

My year at Loughborough University has been positively challenging, worthwhile, and fundamental to my personal and professional development. I’m really proud of my hard work and commitment to study - I didn’t expect to achieve distinctions on any work and I managed to receive several!

My research project

My research project is about the effect of nitrate supplementation on aerobic exercise in males, females with contraceptive pills, and females without contraceptive pills. The inclusion of females inspired me to choose this project as I think it’s important and necessary to expand research to include women, even though it may be more challenging.

Work experience as a sports scientist

Alongside my master’s degree, I have maintained a part-time job and a social life, as well as taking on some work experience as a sports scientist at Pro Football Support. This experience involved completing field-based physiological testing at football academies across the country as well as helping students at Loughborough Gymnastics with nutrition. Both positions tapped into my degree and knowledge.

It was a real highlight to be able to travel to many different football clubs and network with a range of experienced staff. It helped to give an insight as to what the future might look like for me.

Using my degree in the future

After graduating, I hope to become an applied sports physiologist. My time at Loughborough has helped me to develop knowledge and an understanding of this role. I also understand the experience required to get into this position, which is something which I am continuously gaining.

I opted to study a postgraduate course as I’ve always enjoyed academia and wanted to continue my learning to enhance my career opportunities. The transition to an MSc at Loughborough felt natural and easy. The first few weeks included a lot of contact and explanations to ensure that everyone was caught up with the basic knowledge for the course.

My advice to anyone considering studying a postgraduate programme is to try your best and work hard, utilise the lectures and lecturers around you. Remember that the academics are always happy to help with any questions or anxieties you have whether it’s inside or outside the classroom.

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