Before you arrive

From visas to accommodation, here's what you need to know.

There are a lot of things to do before you arrive at Loughborough and we would like to make preparation as straightforward as possible for you.

We have some dedicated support available to you including visa advice, language support and information on accommodation. We recommend that you refer to the Incoming Exchange Student Handbook for further details, however please note that  note there handbooks differ depending on whether you will be here for Semester 1 or a Full Year or whether you will be here for Semester 2 only.

Visa advice

Loughborough University’s Student Advice and Support Service is authorised to give visa and immigration advice in accordance with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner’s Code of Standards. 

We highly recommend, therefore, that you contact them directly if you have any queries regarding your prospective visit to the United Kingdom. 

Student Advice and Support Service

Language support

The Academic Language Support Service runs a number of pre-sessional courses before the start of each academic year.

You may find it useful to attend one of these courses before starting your formal programme, but please note that they are only available for students on Semester One and Full Year exchanges.


Before you arrive, check out our information about accommodation on and off campus.

'Ask a student'

The Student's Union manages a Peer Mentoring scheme for all incoming exchange students. All students who opt in to this service will be allocated mentors who will be able to provide advice and guidance. As part of the scheme there is a 'Ask a Student' service which allows current, prospective and pre-arrival students to ask a Peer Mentor a question about anything related to Loughborough.

To find out more please visit the LSU website.