ManyPets - Vet Team in a Box

This box aims to provide students with an insight into the different roles involved when working in the Veterinary industry, including veterinary scientists and nurses. The box allows students to work through a scenario involving a vet team, a farmer and their herd of cows. The session also aims to provide young people with a chance to develop other skills, including critical thinking, team work and arithmetic skills to support the vet team in a real-life scenario.

Vet Team in a Box has been developed in collaboration with the University of Liverpool School of Veterinary Science, the Widening Participation Vet Schools Network and ManyPets.

Box available from 2023

Vet Team In a Box launch video

Curriculum links

  • GCSE Biology
  • Extracurricular (due to the breadth of content, this box could also be used for general Science/ STEM clubs/ PSHE etc)

Box contents

Teaching resources

  • Memory stick with presentation and video
  • Presentation
  • Lesson plan


  • 48-well plates
  • Pipettes
  • Liquids for tests
  • Evidence cards

Classroom requirements

This can be carried out in a standard classroom, but we would recommend a science lab space. Water will be required for initial set up.

The activity will take between 30 and 50 minutes so should work well in a lesson.