Subject in a Box

Subject in a Box is designed to enable teachers of Year 10 students to provide their class with a unique insight into degree-level study whilst providing an engaging, interactive lesson, suitable for their current level of learning.

Each box has had input from one of our University academics and has been tailored for students aged 14-15 years.* We send your chosen box directly to your school free of charge, complete with a lesson plan, presentation, worksheets and the equipment required to deliver the lesson.**

Rocket in a Box in action!

With our box school children are given the chance to become rocket scientists for the day and given a taste of what it's like to study at Loughborough University.

* To help us track the impact and engagement of the HE Unboxed programme, we ask that all schools provide postcode data for participating students, or complete our EMWPREP consent forms. We will post your selected box to you as soon as we receive this data

** Please note: where a box includes perishables, we may ask the school to provide these. All other equipment is provided free of charge.