The University's responsibilities

The University's responsibilities

What UKVI expects of the University.

The University's responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that you have the right to study in the UK by holding up-to-date copies of your passport and visa
  • Holding up-to-date contact details for you
  • Monitoring your attendance and engagement with your programme and taking action if you are failing to engage without good reason (e.g. illness)
  • Ensuring you hold up-to-date ATAS clearance where required
  • Providing document copies and other information to UKVI if requested

Additional responsibilities in relation to Student visa holders

If you hold a Student visa, we are also required to inform UKVI of changes to your study, such as:

  • If you transfer to a different programme
  • If you add or remove a placement year
  • Details of any University-approved work placements you are taking
  • If you have permission to study at another location – e.g. you are taking part in a study abroad exchange, or are a postgraduate student and are collecting research data for your dissertation away from campus
  • If we stop sponsoring your visa because you are no longer actively studying on your programme - i.e. you withdraw, take a Leave of Absence, take reassessments in the Next Academic year without attendance, stop engaging, have your studies terminated, or complete your programme early

We are also expected to inform UKVI:

  • If you no longer require a Student visa because you have obtained alternative immigration permission
  • If your visa application is refused
  • If you have been given incorrect visa conditions
  • If you are believed to be breaking the conditions of your visa, e.g. by working more hours per week than is permitted
  • When you have successfully completed your programme and are eligible for the Graduate Route visa