Sexual Health

Sexual health can often be seen as something purely being concerned with physical wellbeing however there are more aspects to sexual health such as emotional, mental and social wellbeing.

WHO states that sexual health requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships. Additionally, sexual interactions should be pleasurable, safe, free of coercion, discrimination and violence

How is this achieved?

You can ensure a safe and healthy sex-life by using contraception and ensuring you have consent before engaging in any sexual activityFor more information about sex, relationships, and consent log into Consent Collective TV


The first step to achieving a healthy sexual interaction is by ensuring that your partner is participating freely. It is not good enough to just assume that they are, instead you should talk to them. This will help build confidence and can lead to more open conversations between you and your partner. Consensual activity is the doorway to pleasure and good, healthy, sexual interactions. You can find more information about consent and sexual violence here.

Safe Sex 

Secondly, you should be practising safe sex. This means using contraception and therefore protecting yourself and other from sexual transmitted infections (STI’s), HIV infections, pregnancy, etc. Condoms are still the best and the easiest way of keeping your sexual health as safe as possible. 

Same-sex partners still hold a risk of passing STIs, therefore it is important to use protection or get a sexual health check.  

Getting regular STI checks is good practice regardless of if you change sexual partners or if you are with the same partner.  


How can the University Support you?

    • C-Card Scheme – This is a free condom scheme for young people 13-24. Once you're registered you are given a card which enables you to go to trained distributors and receive top up packs when and as needed.   
      • You can register at: Pinfold Medical Practice, Pinfold Gate; John Storer House, Wards End, LE11 3HA; The Medicine Box 
      • Distributors: The Medicine Box, John Storer House, Pinfold Medical Practice, Sainsbury's Pharmacy, Superdrug 
    • The University Mental Wellbeing Team can support you if your mental wellbeing is impacted by an STI diagnosisYou can do this by completing our Online Mental Wellbeing Referral Form. 
    • If you have been subject to sexual violence, you can also receive support via our Duty, Assessment, and Inclusivity Team by making a report through the Incident reporting portal or e-mailing 

What to do next?

Arrange a STI Check

You can do an STI check by ordering a kit Online or you can go in person at a local GUM clinic

If you have received s STI diagnosis

If you have recently received an STI Diagnosis you can receive support through the University Mental Wellbeing Team by completing the Online Referral Form.

If you have been subject to sexual violence

You can report this using the Online Incident Reporting Portal.

External Resources

Last Updated: 30th August 2022