Sexual violence

The term sexual violence covers a range of criminal acts, including rape and sexual assault

If you've been subject to sexual violence, there are services that can help. Whether the incident has happened recently or historically.

If you have recently been subjected to sexual violence, you may need time to think and process what has happened to you.

You do have a range of options available

You may know immediately that you want to report to the police, you can do so in an emergency (if you are still at risk) on 999 or via 101.
If you have been subject to rape or sexual assault in the last 7 days, you may be unsure and want support, discuss options or preserve physical evidence. You can do this by contacting a sexual assault referral centre.
You can talk through options with a Student Services member of staff by completing the online reporting tool.
If you believe you are at risk of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) you can go to your GP or sexual health clinic in Loughborough.

Reporting the incident to the University

The University will guide you through your different options and, if you want to, you can make a formal complaint to the University.

We will then investigate the incident and take any appropriate action under the University’s disciplinary procedures.

In order to make a complaint to the University you can contact the Security Team or Student Services and ask to speak with someone confidentially. 

Report to the University online University’s disciplinary procedures

More information or advice

For more information or advice you can speak to a member of the Student Services team by completing a report via our Online Incident Reporting Portal.

If you are in halls you can speak to your Warden. Or you can contact the Security Team or Student Services and ask to speak with someone confidentially.

You can find out further information, and other organisations to contact within our self-help resources.

Report to the University online Contact your hall warden Self-help resources Amber Project drop-in appointments