Returning to Your Room/Hall Next Year

At Loughborough, it is an option to return to halls into your following university years. This gives you an opportunity to be close to lecture halls, meet new people and re-live the halls experience.

How can the University Support you?

All halls have an allotted number of spaces that returners can fill so if you enjoy your current hall or wish to return to a different hallwe have opportunities for this to happen. These rooms are allocated at the hall warden’s discretion and are subject to some terms which can all be found on the student accommodation website.

What to do next?

Apply online

Apply through the accommodation portal.

Previous Payments

Make sure all accommodation payments from your autumn term are paid off. 

Specific Room Requirement

If you need a room for a disability-related reason, please note this under ‘do you want a particular room’. If you wish to return to an adapted/wheelchair-accessible room, you should also email ( us your request.

Get Involved in the Hall Community

Since rooms are given at the warden's discretion this could help your chances at getting a room.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still apply for a room if I am thinking of going on placement?

Yes, we recommend still applying for halls if you have not received your placement offer and your room contract can be cancelled upon completion of an Accommodation Cancellation Form and proof of your subsequent placement.

Last Updated: 13th September 2022