Issues in Your Flat

When moving into your flat you can encounter issues with flatmates that make living difficult.

Remember that you have all come from different backgrounds and adjusting to new environments can be more difficult for some. However, if problems persist there are some options you can take.

How can the University Support you?

Warden teams for the halls can be a good point of call for anyone experiencing issues within their flat. They will discuss issues with you and go through the best options for you. If you require a room change then the warden will be required to assist in this process, and this will be done on a case by case basis. 

Alternatively, the Student Accommodation Centre can also help with issues related to your flat.

What to do next?

Talk to Your Flatmates

First of all, you should discuss with the flat members you are having problems with to make them aware of your problems and see if a compromise can be found.

Talk to your Warden Team

If this is unsuccessful and the problems persist you can contact your hall warden and explain your problems to them. They can best advise on what you should do.

Changing Rooms

If you require a room transfer you can request this on the student accommodation website. For more info on moving rooms please see the Changing Rooms website linked below.

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Last Updated: 13th September 2022