Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can range from a very mild hearing loss to profound deafness and affect students in different ways.

According to the RNID, in the UK there are 12 million adults with hearing loss; equivalent to one in five adults. Some D/deaf people will communicate using speech and lipreading, others will use British Sign Language, whilst some will use a mixture of both.

If you are affected by hearing loss, we can help to support you whilst you are studying at Loughborough.

How can the University support you?

Before you start your studies, we can:

  • meet with you to discuss your individual circumstances. You are welcome to bring family or a friend to this meeting
  • provide advice on the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)
  • help to secure suitable University accommodation
  • advise on the medical evidence you will need to provide to access support
  • arrange communication support as required for any pre-arrival interviews and meetings.

Depending on an assessment of your needs, either by a DSA assessor or a University Disability Advisor, support could include:

    • examination and assessment adjustments
    • arranging a 1-1 library induction
    • provision of mentoring and/or study support skills
    • access to Deaf Alerter and Deafguard fire protection systems
    • arranging for communication support e.g., British Sign Language interpreters
    • access to assistive software on the University IT system
    • support using the Induction Loop systems across campus
    • access to a disability advisor fluent in British Sign Language.
    • providing advice on applying for and accessing your DSA
    • liaising with your department about reasonable adjustments to course delivery to meet your individual needs
    • arranging for extended library loans
    • arranging for deaf awareness training to your department

What to do next?

If you are an Applicant:

Please complete the Disability and Health Portal and upload your diagnostic paperwork in line with the University evidence policy.

If you are a Current Student:

You can contact us via our accessing support page. An Advisor will review your submission and advise on the next steps to access support.  

Frequently Asked Questions

I am finding note-taking difficult alongside lipreading in lectures, what should I do?

Contact us via email (studentinclusion@lboro.ac.uk) to make an appointment with our specialist Disability Advisor

I will need an accessible fire alarm in my Hall bedroom, what should I do?

If you are an applicant you can let us know via the Disability and Health Portal.

If you are currently residing in your hall of residence contact your Hall Manager

I’m struggling to hear my lecturer, what should I do?

Contact us via email (studentinclusion@lboro.ac.uk) to make an appointment with our specialist Disability Advisor

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Last Updated: 1st December 2023