Expectations around behaviour

As a student at Loughborough University, your conduct and behaviour - both on and off-campus - sets the reputation of the University and the entire student body.

Maintaining a positive relationship with the local community is a priority to the University and it is expected that you will act accordingly to present the University and student body as well behaved, polite and mindful of the Loughborough community.

The behaviour of most Loughborough students is exemplary - they are responsible and considerate, and their conduct helps to maintain the good reputation of the University and its positive relationship with the local community.

However, the University has rules on student discipline, to deal with the small number of occasions when behaviour falls short of expectations. This behaviour has been outlined within Ordinance XVII - Conduct and Discipline of Students where you can check what these types of behaviours are.

The University requires all students to conduct themselves in a way that is always honest and peaceable, both on and off-campus, and may take disciplinary action against students whose behaviour improperly interferes with the functioning or activities of the University or those who work and study in it

If you are found to have committed a disciplinary offence you maintain the right to appeal the decision. Please see our appeals page for information and support on this process.

How can the University support you?

If you are impacted by another individual’s behaviour you can report online via our online incident reporting tool

Support will always be available to you: 

    • If you feel you need support because the matter is affecting your health, including your mental health, you can access support from Student Wellbeing. You can do so via our Online Referral form.
    • If you have a disability, you should contact the Student Inclusivity for further advice and support. You can do so by emailing studentinclusion@lboro.ac.uk or phoning +44 (0)1509 222770

What should I do if I need to report another individual’s behaviour?

If worried that another student has violated Ordinance XVII, students are encouraged to report such incidents at the earliest opportunity. You can do so via our Online Incident Reporting Portal.

Providing this reporting is done in good faith, the University will view it positively and will seek to maintain the reporting student’s anonymity wherever possible and protect them from victimisation

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Last Updated: 22nd July 2022