Registering for Support as a Current Student

It doesn’t matter what stage of your Loughborough journey you are at; you can request support from Student Services at any time.

Our support services are open to any student regardless of whether you are a Foundation or first-year undergraduate, a finalist or studying for a postgraduate degree or a PhD.

All our services are non-judgemental and unbiased and will work to support you in achieving your best whilst at Loughborough.

What to do next?

1) Check to see if you are registered with us, and any support adjustments you currently have in place, via your self-service page.

2) If your self-service page is not listing the support you are expecting please get in touch. You can do this using our accessing support page.

3) If you have not done so already, and you are eligible, we strongly encourage you to apply for Disability Support - Disabled Students Allowance.

Frequently asked Questions

What disability / health paperwork do I need to provide as evidence?

Here is a link to the University’s evidence policy which is broken down by course level and disability.

I think I might be dyslexic, what should I do?

Who will see my disability/health related information?

Your diagnosis can only be seen internally by Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity teams. It is not shared outside of the service. The information shared is related to the support you require, but not why you require it. More information can be found here

I have a short term illness/injury, what support can I access?

You are encouraged to discuss your situation with your personal tutor and/or department administrator to identify a plan of action. You can also get in touch with us, our details are on our accessing support page.

Can I access wellbeing support if I do not have a mental health diagnosis?

Yes, if you have concerns about your wellbeing but have not sought help previously then please get in touch via our accessing support page.

Last Updated: 29th November 2023