Registering for support as an applicant

We recognise that choosing to go to university may involve significant life changes, and for some students this can require extra preparation and consideration.

Regardless of whether you use the disability box in your application, or mention your circumstances in your personal statement, you should use the Disability and Health Portal to share the full details.

What is the disability and health portal?

The Portal allows you to share any disability, health and wellbeing information with us in a secure and appropriate way. This will give us the opportunity to work with you to look at, and plan, how best to support you during your time and arrange any support in time for your studies to start.

If you have experienced University life before joining us at Loughborough, whether as an undergraduate or as a postgraduate, we encourage you to still use the Portal as every university is different.

Disability and Health Portal

What to do next?

1) Complete the Online Disability and Health Portal if Loughborough University is a Firm or Insurance choice for you.

2) If you are planning to attend a University Open Day or a Visit Day you can meet a member of the team and discuss any support you might need with us.

3) For any complex physical requirements that will impact your living arrangements, please contact at the earliest opportunity to discuss further.

4) Think about whether you might need to apply for Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA). DSA is a targeted grant that, if you are eligible, can pay for additional support e.g., computer software. We recommend all eligible applicants apply at the earliest opportunity (typically March)

Frequently Asked Questions

What disability / health paperwork do I need to provide to prior to my arrival?

Here is a link to the University’s evidence policy which is broken down by course level and disability.

I have specific requirements for my University accommodation, who do I tell?

There is a section in the Disability and Health Portal for you to note any accommodation requirements linked to your physical or mental health.

When do I need to inform the University of any exam support by?

There is a section in the Disability and Health Portal for you to note any exam support requirements.

When is the Portal open for me?

The Portal is open from when you are offered a place to study at University and closes one week before Term 1 starts.

What is an ‘adjustment’?

An ‘adjustment’ is the word used when noting changes to practice or policy to suit your disability/health requirement.

Who will see my disability/health related information?

Your diagnosis/circumstances can only be seen internally by SWAI teams. It is not shared outside of the service. The information shared is related to the support you require, but not why you require it. More information can be found here

Last Updated: 22nd June 2022