Academic Quality Procedures Handbook

13. External Examiners

13.3 Privacy Notice for External Examiners

Here at Loughborough University we take the protection of your data and your privacy seriously and this part of our website provides information on what personal data we collect; how and why we collect it; how we store it and for how long we keep it. This Notice will also explain how we look after your data and protect your rights in accordance with the relevant data protection legislation.

Further information and guidance on the University’s approach to personal information can be found at the University’s Information Governance webpages.

What personal information do we hold about you?

We collect information on you from the documents used to make and manage your appointment as an external examiner, for example your Curriculum Vitae, passport and where appropriate visa documents and from documents which support the work you do for us an External Examiner

The range of information that we collect and process about you includes:

  • Your name, business and personal address and contact details, including email address and telephone number.
  • The terms and conditions of your employment
  • Details of your qualifications, skills, experience and employment history
  • Details of your bank account and national insurance number
  • Information about your nationality and entitlement to work in the UK
  • Date of birth and gender
  • Records of your correspondence with us

The written reports you provide us as part of your duties also include your name and place of employment.

Why do we collect your information?

This information is collected to make an informed decision as to your suitability to be appointed as an External Examiner and forms part of your contract. Our Code of Practice for External Examining of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Programmes, forms part of this contract.  Your data allows us to maintain correspondence with you.

The University has a legal obligation to comply with HMRC rules about tax and NI contributions.  The University also has a legal obligation to abide by UK Immigration law and must verify your right to work in the UK.

You have a right to access and obtain a copy of your information on request. This is called a Data Subject Access Request. Information on how to make a DSAR can be found on the Information Governance webpages.

Who has access to your data at the University?

Your data is only accessed by those staff who need the information to maintain your contract (such as HR, Payroll and the Programme Quality and Teaching Partnerships Office) and to support your duties as an external examiner (Staff within the School that you are working for).

All data is kept in secured electronic format.  Paper documents are scanned and then destroyed. 

Who do we share your data with outside the University?

Your personal information is shared as permitted or required by law, on a considered and confidential basis, with a range of external organisations, primarily this includes the following:

  • Higher Education Statistics Agency (see HESA’s statement about the uses made by them of your personal information published here Collection notices | HESA)
  • Relevant Government Departments including Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI).
  • External Examiner reports, which may contain your personal information or your comments, can be shared as Freedom of Information legislation, requires the University to provide copies of external examiners' reports to any third party who makes a lawful request for them. These reports will normally include identification of the external examiner's name, but the University will consider reasonable requests from the external examiner to anonymise the report. External Examiner rreports in their entirety will be seen by several people (inside and outside the University) with responsibility for quality assurance and enhancement. 
  • On occasion and where necessary, auditors.

How long do we keep your information?

We will maintain this information during the time you work with us. We will retain the records documenting your selection and appointment for 1 year after the end of your appointment. We will keep a record of your name for 4 years after you have left us. 


Loughborough University does not sell your data to third parties or other organisations. From time to time, Loughborough University will use your personal data to conduct analysis that will provide useful information.

Who can I contact?

If you have a general question about how External Examiner related data is used, please do contact us.  You can contact  Please also contact this email if you have a concern or complaint about how your data is being handled.

If you have any questions more generally regarding Data Protection at the University, then please do contact the Data Protection Officer on or write to The Data Protection Officer at

Academic Registry,
Loughborough University,
UK LE11 3TU.

You may find additional useful information and the answer to your query on our Information Governance webpages

Complaints about Data Protection

If you have taken steps to have a concern or complaint about Loughborough University’s handling of data resolved but are still not satisfied you have a right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ico), who are the relevant regulator for data privacy and protection matters. The ico can be contacted at Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, SK9 5AF and your will find more information at

Updates to this policy

This section was last updated in September 2018.  It is reviewed as necessary. If there are significant changes in the processing of your personal data which will impact you, we will act to inform your directly.