Our added value to the University

Legal Services provides specialist legal advice to the University, but how do we add value to the University and what are the values which unite the team?

We act in the University’s best interests, and have a legal and regulatory duty to ensure we are acting in the best interests of the University as a whole.

In our work, we are transparent and collegiate. We conduct ourselves with integrity and are firm believers in the value of inclusivity. We want to support everybody to achieve their full potential.

Helping meet the University’s known legal needs

  • By providing timely, pragmatic and clear legal advice, contract negotiation and legal drafting, we support successful outcomes for the University.
  • As in-house lawyers, we bring the full context of the University to our negotiations to secure the best possible outcome for the University. We enjoy a degree of independence from other services and Schools so we can truly act in the University’s best interests.
  • For the work we undertake in-house, we represent excellent value for money when compared with external Solicitors. We help to secure the best value for money from our external Solicitors for work we do not undertake in house.
  • By ensuring our contracts are drafted to the highest standard and that robust advice is available for arising issues, we save the University money by helping to avoid costly disputes.
  • We understand the importance of working with external organisations in Research, Teaching, Enterprise and Sport activities and support productive relationships before and after a contract is signed.

Helping to identify and manage unmet legal need

  • We monitor changes to the legal and regulatory landscape: specific to Higher Education and beyond. If we identify something new will impact the University, we will highlight it and work with senior management to ensure it has appropriate support to manage the changes.
  • When an issue arises, including threatened and actual litigation, we will help coordinate a calm and measured response, working with colleagues across the University and external support, if required. We will then work with colleagues to identify how to stop the same situation arising again.
  • As we work across Schools and Professional Services, we benefit from opportunities to identify repeat issues and common questions arising in different places. This enables us to highlight these and seek to address them for the benefit of the University.
  • Fundamentally, we are problem solvers and will seek to find a creative solution to issues as they arise. We work with colleagues at an early stage to ensure all issues are considered up front.

Helping to manage the University’s legal risk environment

  • By supplying timely, pragmatic and clear legal advice and drafting we help to manage the University’s exposure to legal risk – as well as financial and reputational exposure.
  • We work closely with colleagues across the University to ensure that all relevant risks are considered and mitigated to the greatest extent practicable.
  • Our work supporting Teaching activities contributes to the unique Loughborough student experience, by ensuring our students are not exploited by commercial organisations through their studies.

Sharing our knowledge with colleagues

  • We are a small team and by equipping colleagues to self-serve for repeat issues, we ensure that we are focussing on activities where we really add value. This saves the University time and money.
  • We endeavour to make legal issues easily accessible to non-lawyer colleagues. We train and mentor colleagues handling contracts as part of their role, so they feel confident dealing with common issues as they arise, without our help. 

Our professional values

  • We act in the University’s best interests – Legal Services staff have a legal and regulatory duty to ensure we are acting in the best interests of the University as a whole. We are focussed on securing the right outcome for the University.
  • We are open, honest and transparent – we will be clear with colleagues and external organisations why we are advising a particular course of action and why we cannot take other courses of action.
  • We are clear, collegiate and supportive – we will foster good working relationships with colleagues, including being supportive of the University’s desired outcomes, individual’s development needs and supporting colleagues to understand sometimes complex legal issues.
  • We conduct ourselves with integrity – we will be consistent in our dealings with colleagues, we will embrace our position as the legal experts for the University, without pride or arrogance. In our professional conduct, we represent not only the University, but the Legal profession as a whole.
  • We believe in the value of inclusivity – we believe everyone has a right to live free of discrimination and abuse. We understand our responsibilities as colleagues in the University’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • We believe in supporting people to achieve their potential – we rigorously recruit and focus on the development of our team members, to help them be the best they can be in their roles. We also support other colleagues to learn and develop through the training and resources we provide.

Our professional values are informed by:

  • The Solicitors’ Regulation Authority Standards and Regulations – including the SRA’s Principles which are fundamental to the ethical conduct of Solicitors.
  • The Nolan Seven Principles of Public Life – the basis of ethical standards expected of public office holders. The University’s Ethics Committee believes the Nolan Principles are fundamental to how the University conducts itself.
  • Our own experiences, beliefs and personal values – the team is the sum of its parts and we all bring our own unique experiences and perspectives. The inherent diversity of approach supports constructive discourse within the team.