Web recruitment guidance

Loughborough University and Imago members of staff with a my.HR account will no longer be able to login to view and apply for jobs directly at vacancies.lboro.ac.uk or imagovenues.co.uk/jobs respectively.


University and Imago Staff

All job portals (including accepting contracts for internal moves) should be accessed through my.HR.

Anyone that attempts to login to vacancies.lboro.ac.uk using their Single Sign On (SSO) details will be presented with a system error (shown below), and the page will remind you to login to my.HR.

Please contact your system administrator. There is an LDAP configuration or access error. Unable to perform the LDAP authentication, please try again.

Casual workers and University teachers

If you are a casual worker or casual University Teacher (UT/PUT), you should continue to follow the processes used by your School or Professional Service using non-Lboro details.

If you are a casual worker or casual University Teacher (UT/PUT) and you wish to apply for a University or Imago job, you should do so by creating an account or logging in using your existing non-Lboro details.

Please note that casual workers, casual University Teachers and Imago staff are not classified as Loughborough University staff and are not eligible to apply for jobs marked as 'internal only'.