Health and wellbeing - Staff benefits

Support when you really need it

Advice and services available to all members of staff to support health and wellbeing.

Sick leave entitlement

Loughborough University is committed to promoting and maintaining the health, safety and welfare of all employees. As an employer we work to provide a clear procedure for dealing with sickness absences to ensure fair treatment and consistency across the organisation.

  • Sick pay is available to the majority of employees from their first year of employment.
  • When and to how much you are eligible, is dependent on the conditions of your employment (full details of the entitlement for your position can be requested from the HR team).
  • Specific terms and conditions, and reporting procedures apply to all employees, the details of which will be outlined in your contract of employment.

We also understand that time off isn’t just required to look after your own health, but sometimes the health of family members. Special leave, with pay, can be granted to employees to attend urgent family affairs or because of the prolonged illness of a family member.

PLEASE NOTE: The University will respect the confidentiality of all information relating to an employee’s sickness. 

Access to Occupational Health

Where necessary, you may be referred to our Occupational Health Team, to support you in regaining full health. The team are also there to support employees with any issues that may prevent them from doing their job.

The Occupational Health Team provide a range of services to employees of the University, some of which include:

  • Health surveillance and assessments
  • Advising on safe use of computers and workstations (including free eye test vouchers)
  • Stress management advice
  • Advising on risks to pregnant workers.

Build your support network

We also encourage employees to seek support from those who may know how they’re feeling, through our staff networks. This is also a great opportunity to be involved in changing the organisational culture of university life. The networks currently include:

  • Age Group
  • Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic Group (BAME)
  • Inclusivity Group
  • Religion or Belief Group
  • LGBT+ Staff Network
  • Maia - Women’s Network
  • Senior Women’s Network
  • Part-time/Flexible Working Group
  • International Group
  • Working Parents Group
  • Armed Forces 

Bupa Cash Plan

Loughborough University offers all employees the opportunity to join the Bupa Cash Plan 100 Scheme.

Health cash plans are designed to help you cover the costs of some routine healthcare expenses and offer cash back towards a variety of health and well-being benefits, including dental and optical fees.

What’s the difference between a cash plan and health insurance?

Health insurance covers the cost of surgical and non-surgical procedures when you need them, whereas a health cash plan offers cash back towards a range of health costs that you may pay for as a part of maintaining the health of you or your family.

With a lower level of cover than health insurance, a health cash plan could be a more affordable option for you to claim back some money against routine healthcare costs.

What cashback can you expect?

The benefits of a health cash plan are dependent on your weekly contribution level and are also set by BUPA themselves. The below examples give you an idea of what you could be entitled to via the plan:

  • Up to 4 dependent children can now be covered on the family levels up to the age of 24
  • Dependent children do not have to be living with the main member and will have their own benefits to use
  • All benefits do not require GP referral
  • Pre existing conditions are covered
  • Members will receive immediate cover once they have been accepted as a member (52 week qualifying period for Maternity and adoption benefit please see membership guide for more details)
  • Claims can now be submitted online

Bupa Anytime health line included for free

For further information you can access the types of cover and prices below. If you wish to join the scheme or have any questions please contact the Payroll Team. 

Discretionary death in service payment

Although we hope to never have to make these payments, as an employee at Loughborough you are also entitled to a discretionary death in service payment. This means that should anything happen to you, a one-off payment will be made to your family to aid and support them.

In addition to this, both pension schemes available at the University also offer generous payments for death in service.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is free to members of staff across the University, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can be accessed online. 

Support is available on any matter that might be of concern to you – from mental health and stress, to financial concerns and legal matters. Help is provided by accredited counsellors or information specialists, depending on whether the need is for emotional or practical support.

The University has partnered with an external organisation to introduce the service and it is independent from the University and completely confidential.