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Recruitment & probation

Guidance for University Teachers

This is guidance for University Teachers only. For policy and employment of University Teachers, please view the University Teacher Policy Information page

1. Schedule of work

Your School or Department will communicate details of:

  • the type of work you will be doing
  • the venue you will be working at
  • the dates and times you have mutually agreed to work
  • the number of hours you can claim for

This communication does not constitute a formal contract of employment. If you have any queries regarding your schedule of work, please contact the relevant administrator for your School or Department (see section 7) in the first instance.

2. Personal details portal

Your School or Department administrator (see section 7) will send you a link to an online portal where you will be asked to submit your personal details. This information is required by the University in order to create an employment record for you.

Please note this is an external application portal. If you have not used the portal to apply for a job at Loughborough before you will need to create a new user account using a PERSONAL email address.

3. Statement of written particulars of employment (contract)

Once you have completed the Personal Details Portal, the University’s Human Resources will email you a formal Statement of Written Particulars of Employment and you will be required to accept the terms of this contract, via the acceptance portal, prior to commencing work at the University.

Access to the University’s IT systems, including access to the claims section of my.HR will not be granted until the contract is accepted.

This document details the terms and conditions of your employment and provides information regarding:

  • your rate of pay
  • pension enrolment
  • national insurance contributions
  • annual leave
  • sickness benefit
  • disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • how to claim payment for work you have undertaken

4. UKVI immigration requirements

The University is legally required to establish whether you have the right to work in the UK. If you are a new employee of the University, you will be asked to present the documentation below to the relevant administrator for your School or Department (see section 7) prior to commencing your employment.

a) Original valid passport and, where appropriate, a visa


b) For UK Nationals, a full birth certificate issued in the UK which includes the name(s) of at least one of the holder’s parents together with an official document containing your National Insurance Number and your name issued by a Government agency or previous employer.

5. IT accounts, staff Cards, parking and sports booking facilities

If you are a student, you will receive your IT login details and ID card at your School registration event or from your Schools’ Administrator. If you are not a student, you will be emailed by the relevant administrator for your School and Department (see section 7) and asked to collect your IT login details and staff card from the School Office.

To apply for parking, please visit this page for further information.

To book the University’s sports facilities, please visit this page for further information.

6. Claiming payment

Guidance for my.HR claims can be found here:

Time claims should be submitted through my.HR. You must login using your Loughborough staff user name and password. Please note if you have not accepted your contract you will not be able to access the claims section of my.HR.

Your claims will be reviewed and authorised by your employing School or Department and you will receive email updates on the progress of your claim. Claims submitted between the submission and approval deadlines may be approved and paid on the next advertised payment date, however this cannot be guaranteed.

Please note that NI is not calculated cumulatively, so each pay period stands in isolation. This means that NI will be deducted on any payment above the current threshold in a particular month, regardless of whether your pay to date is within the tax-free allowance. For this reason it is important to submit regular claims for payment. (eg No later than 3 months following the work).  The current National Insurance thresholds and rates are viewable by following the sidebar link.

You will be able to see a summary of your previous claims in my.HR and you can also update your personal details in the my.HR system.

Please note that you will be unable to claim for work that is not University Teaching or submit other types of claims through my.HR, for example claims for note-taking or helping with open days. Such claims will need to be submitted separately, using the existing paper based process.

Further guidance can be found in the iTrent Community of Practice. If you need access to this please get in touch with

7. School and department administrator contacts

If you have any queries during your employment at Loughborough University, please contact the relevant administrator for your School or Department below in the first instance.





Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering

Lynn   Braham

01509   227222


Becki   Turlington-Smith

01509   228910

Business & Economics

Dawn Brown 

01509   228821

Business & Economics: Executive Education

Dawn   Brown

01509   228821

Chemical Engineering

Lynn   Braham

01509   227222

Civil & Building Engineering

Caroline   Neale

01509 228543


Karen   Gibson

01509   222651

English, Drama & Publishing

Deborah Burton

01509   222969


Sue Clarke

01509   223724


Yvonne Cornejo

01509 222982

LU Arts Centre - Professional Services

Helen McCullam

01509 222238

Loughborough University London

Aleksandrs Grzibovskis 

0203 8051341


Lynn Braham

01509   227222

Mathematical   Sciences, Physics, Computer Science and Chemistry

Elena Bradley

Tereza Lingard    

Rina Karaishi

01509   228210

01509 223030

01509 223032

Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical & Manufacturing Engineering

Sam Taylor



01509   227139

Politics, History & International Relations

Debbie Cattermoul

01509   222978

Social Sciences

Elaine Beaken

01509   223370

Sport, Exercise & Health Sciences

Natalie Matthewman

01509   226443

Teacher Education

Natalie Matthewman

01509   226443