Human Resources

Leave, absence & working arrangements

Civil / Military Duties

Employers have a legal obligation to give reasonable time off for public duties such as being a JP or a councillor although this does not have to be with pay. "Reasonable" is not defined but should take account of the circumstances of an employer's business and the effect of an employee's absence. The Conditions of Service provides for Special Leave to be given for public duties and a range of other activities. Such leave may be with or without pay, and periods of up to four weeks may be approved by a Head of Department.

Candidates for the Bench are advised that they may be required for 26 half day sittings per year but this total is often exceeded.

As the University's holiday arrangements are reasonably generous it is appropriate for staff to make a contribution from their annual leave, as below:

  • For staff with 5 weeks or less annual leave the University will normally grant the equivalent of 10 full days Special Leave with pay per year.
  • For staff with annual leave entitlements in excess of 5 weeks this figure will be 8 full days.

This does not preclude departments agreeing to additional unpaid leave if this can be allowed without causing extreme difficulties.

This policy applies to all types of public duties and could also be applied to time off for activities in the Volunteer Services.