Smoking at Work Policy

Important Information: The Policies and Guidance on the website have been amended for accessibility reasons. Hard copies of the originals can be requested from or 01509 222181. When making decisions or attempting works based on these documents please consult the originals.


  • The Smoking at Work policy applies to the lighting of pipes, cigarettes, or cigars.
  • The policy applies to all smokers on the University campus and to smokers travelling in vehicles whilst on University business.
  • Allowing the use of electronic smoking devices in no smoking areas could lead to confusion and problems with compliance with the policy. Therefore, the use of e-cigarettes or similar products in University buildings, vehicles and no smoking areas is prohibited.


1 By law, smoking is banned in virtually all ‘enclosed’ and ‘substantially enclosed’ public places and workplaces. (Relevant legislation; The Health Act, 2006 and the Smoke-free (Premises and Enforcement) Regulations 2006.

2 In addition, Residential and Domestic Services and Imago Ltd do not permit smoking in any of its residential areas or hotel rooms.

3 Accordingly, smoking is not permitted in any University buildings or vehicles.

4 Where staff or students smoke outside, they:

  • Must not smoke close to doors, windows, or air inlets where smoke may be sucked into the building. A distance of 3m from openings is considered to be a reasonable distance to prevent smoke drifting inside the building
  • Must observe no smoking signs or hazard warning signs in proximity to highly flammable liquids and gases

5 Some exterior areas of campus have been designated as smoke free areas. Smoking materials should not be used in the following locations:

  • Outside of the library
  • James France Walk (including the area around F Building (the old Chemistry Building)
  • Holywell Park
  • Martin Hall Square and the area around the adjoining sports related buildings of Sir David Wallace and Sir John Beckwith buildings.

Smoking shelters have been provided adjacent to these designated areas to accommodate staff, students or visitors who wish to smoke in the vicinity. Please see the attached maps to identify the boundaries of the smoke free areas.

6 Sports pitches and recreational areas are also deemed no smoking

7 In addition, those who smoke outside are asked to be considerate of the University’s reputation by not smoking in areas which are highly visible to customers and members of the public.

8 Smokers wishing to give up smoking will be directed to the free NHS Stop Smoking Service for the East Midlands – Live Well Leicester on 0116 454 4000 or via the web on LiveWell Leicester or SmokeFree East Midlands

Additional support for University staff may be arranged periodically through the University Health and Safety Service (UH&SS), information on current resources will be publicized on the UH&SS website.

9 Contraventions of this policy will be dealt with through the usual disciplinary procedures. In addition, those who do not comply with the law in this respect maybe liable to fixed penalty fines and possible prosecution

Duty Holders

Facilities Management

Facilities Management shall ensure that the provision of smoking shelter, bins and no smoking signage is suitable and sufficient. Concerns regarding these items shall be directed to the Estates and Facilities Management helpdesk on 222121.

Supervisors and Managers

Supervisors and Managers will be responsible for enforcing this policy where appropriate by the usual disciplinary procedures.

Health and Safety Service

The UH&SS shall consider issues arising out of this policy which have not been resolved by other means. Complaints should be made in writing to the University Health, Safety and Risk Manager.

All Staff and Students

All staff and students are expected to comply with this policy as well as encourage and educate colleagues to do likewise.

All Visitors and Contractors

All visitors and contractors are required to abide by this policy. Staff members are expected to inform students, visitors and contractors of the requirements of this policy.

No Smoking Zones

Pilkington Library

James France Walk