Weekly Fire Alarm Test Guidance

All fire alarms in University Buildings will be tested on a designated day and at a specified time each week. Should the weekly test fall on a Bank Holiday or University closed day the test will be undertaken on the designated day the following week.

It is recommended that two people are available to conduct the weekly fire alarm test in larger buildings. This will enable one person to be at the fire panel to silence the sounders and the other to operate the manual call points and check that ancillary devices have activated.

At least one manual call point should be activated each week on rotation. This should be recorded in the fire alarm test register for the building to ensure that the same call point is not used on repeat.

Test Procedure

Before the test:

  • Ensure that all equipment required for the test is present. This includes the correct call point triggering device, keys or access codes for the fire panel, plant or system isolation keys where applicable and the fire alarm test register for the building.
  • Isolate any plant or systems as necessary.
  • Contact Security (01509 222141) and advise the operator that the weekly test for the building is about to begin.

Activate the fire alarm via the designated manual call point.

  • Check that the sounders operate throughout the building. If the building has more than one fire panel networked together, check that all panels have activated.
  • Silence the alarm at the panel. Aim to do this within 10 seconds unless ancillary devices in your building require a longer signal to operate (e.g., sound activated door holding devices)

Before resetting the alarm, check the following (where applicable):

  • Ensure that all doors fitted with Electromagnetic Door Security Locking Systems released as part of the activation.
  • Ensure that all doors fitted with Electromagnetic Hold Open Devices released and are fully shut.
  • Ensure that all fire dampers activated by the test have operated.
  • Ensure that the cars on any lifts interfaced to the fire alarm have returned to the fire service level and that the doors have opened.
  • Ensure that the Deaf Alert System has activated the vibrating pager system.
  • Ensure that warning screens or beacons have activated.

Upon completion of the above:

  • Reset the alarm
  • Record the details of the test in the building fire alarm test register.
  • Contact Security (01509 222141) to confirm that the weekly test is complete. Record the badge number of the operator.
  • Contact the FM Helpdesk (01509 222121) to report any faults on the fire panel or defects identified during the test.

The weekly fire alarm test is part of Loughborough University’s Fire Policy. Should a regular tester be unavailable, cover should be arranged to ensure that the weekly test is not missed. This should be colleagues based within the building in the first instance, not Security. Weekly testing data is recorded centrally and monitored by the University Fire Safety Team to ensure compliance across the campus.

The weekly test is arranged for a time at which the building would usually be occupied e.g., normal working hours. Should there be a need to change the weekly test time it must be ensured that the new time is within normal working hours and a check should be made with Security to ensure that it fits with their current timetable for testing. The Fire Safety Team should be contacted once the change has been confirmed so that the University campus testing schedule can be updated.