Children in the Workplace Guidance


These guidance notes are intended to provide advise to enable reasonable and proportionate judgements to be made regarding access for children and young persons to the workplace.

  • Legally we have a responsibility for children and young people on our premises
  • Valid Reasons for Children or Young Persons to be on University Premises.....
  1. When attending University operated crèche, playschool, nursery school, health service or sporting facilities.
  2. When on visits organised by the University, schools, departments or other recognised bodies, where significant risks associated with planned activities and foreseeable incidents must be assessed.
  3. When on school organised "work experience" periods with specific departments, where significant risks associated with planned activities and foreseeable incidents have been assessed and safe working procedures produced if appropriate. In each of these situations satisfactory arrangements must be in place to ensure adequate induction and supervision of the children and activities undertaken by the relevant University (department or section), OR event organiser.
  • In all other situations, the presence of children on University premises is discouraged and should only occur exceptionally, and then only in low risk work areas and where their presence does not disrupt the normal operation of the University. Examples would include: -
  1. Brief social visits by parents with newborn babies or young children. 2
  2. Accompanying parent to specific ceremonies or events, whether public or private, not involving hazardous activities, areas or equipment.
  3. Accompanying parent (University employee) to work on a brief visit, e.g. when visiting for short periods to pick up work or carry out a short term low risk activity.
  4. Accompanying parent (University employee) to work for short periods due to childcare difficulties or similar until alternative arrangements can be made, but only at the discretion and direction of the Head of Department.

University premises are not designed to accommodate children and the precautions in place to control risks for the normal population are unlikely to be appropriate for children, due to their physical size, inquisitiveness, immaturity or inexperience. Children should not be brought into the workplace for extended or frequent periods or as an alternative to making proper arrangements for their care - this could include after-school activities, arrangements with other parents / childminders or flexible working arrangements.

  • In the event that children are brought onto work premises, then: -
  1. The parent must consult with their line Manager or Head of Department about the acceptability of children being present, even for short periods.
  2. The parent will be responsible at all times for the supervision of their child(ren) during the period the child(ren) are on the work premises and will be responsible for exercising sufficient supervision to prevent any hazardous situation from arising. If the parent is required to leave the child(ren) at any time, alternative supervision must be arranged for that period
  • Children must not be allowed to disrupt the normal operation of the work area or the work of other employees.
  1. Children must only be allowed into low-risk areas and must never be allowed to enter any area where hazardous activities are being undertaken, hazardous equipment or hazardous substances are being used or if their presence could cause harm to the child(ren).
  2. The Head of Department or nominated representative can instruct the parent to remove the child(ren) immediately from the work area.