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The LiQUiD Lab (Loughborough’s Qualitative Digital Research Laboratory) was set up in 2009 as a peer-to-peer network for qualitative postgraduate researchers.

It is now an interdisciplinary network covering qualitative postgraduate students across all departments/schools to create opportunities to share knowledge of qualitative methods and research techniques. The main role of the LiQUiD Lab is to organise events that facilitate peer-to-peer learning and provide support for qualitative researchers.

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Upcoming Events:

Liquid Lab Birthday Bash 23rd May 2019 

It's the 10 year birthday of Liquid Lab this year and we are having a special event on the 23rd May to celebrate. We have 2 external (and ex-Loughborough) speakers; Dr Karen Maher, - presenting "How quantitative techniques can add value to your qualitative research" and Professor David Buchanan - who will be running an interactive workshop entitled "Unconventional Methods in Qualitative Research". 

Most importantly however, is that it will offer for YOU to share your Qualitative Research with other PhD students in a friendly environment. We are looking for 6 Research Posters to show and 6x Three-minute Thesis presentations. So if you would like to present a poster, really short presentation, or both, take a look at the guidelines here


There will be food and drink at the end, prizes donated by textbook publisher Routledge and more!!

Places are strictly limited, so get your ticket quick! 


Past Events:

Ethics in Qualitative Research – 7/11/2017

Qualitative Data Analysis – 6/02/2018

Participatory Methods in Qualitative Research – 24/04/2018

Qualitative Research Impact – 10/5/2018

Qualitative Data Collection – 31/05/2018

Qualitative Data Collection Methods - Interviews - 29/11/2018

Ethnographic Methods - 21st January 2019

Meet the Team

Joel Warburton

Photo of  Joel Warburton


School of Business & Economics

Joel is a (relatively) mature PhD student in Work Psychology and has 25 years’ experience in engineering management. His research examines 'misfits' in the workplace, i.e. those currently in occupations which the theory says are mismatched to their personality.  He will be using occupational psychometrics, interviews and repertory grids in his research to try and improve tools that help us make the best career choices. He is happy to talk to anyone about similar research and methods. Joel is keen that LiQUiD Lab continues to provide access to useful research information and networking opportunities for both experienced, and not so experienced researchers. Joel has two cats, one of which is addicted to chlorine.

Vani Naik

Photo of  Vani Naik


School of Business and Economics

Vani Naik has worked in Turkey, Australia and New Zealand but has found her intellectual home here in Loughborough. With a critical eye for language and narratives, the discovery of (critical) discourse analysis during her MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Auckland propelled her to continue her intellectual endeavours in a PhD. Her doctoral research is based in the Centre for Professional Work and Society Research Group, within the School of Business and Economics. Her research centres on the lack of women engineering professors. You can find her on @VaniNaik7.

Lesley Sharpe

Photo of  Lesley Sharpe


School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences

Lesley’s research concerns the inclusion of young people with impairments within the grassroots levels of the UK School Games school sport framework. Using participatory research methods Lesley and her participants will make vlogs to capture their experiences and perspectives of inclusive sport through the School Games. Before undertaking her PhD Lesley worked extensively in special, alternative and outdoor education. Outside of her studies Lesley is a semi-retired fly half, enjoys travelling and is usually accompanied by her trusty Labrador Sky and ‘is that a real dog?’ Hairless Chinese Crested Beanie. Find Lesley on Twitter @LMSharpy

Nathan Ritchie

Photo of  Nathan Ritchie


School of Social Sciences

Nathan has a background in media and communications and linguistics. He is currently researching how the UK press constructed and continue to re-construct the events of the 1947 Partition of India. To do this he will use a mixed methods approach, that combines quantitative content analysis, with a qualitative critical discourse analysis. Nathan is primarily interested in textual analysis and particularly how computer aided software can enhance (or hinder!) qualitative research. He is very interested to talk with anyone about this and broader issues surrounding qualitative research, especially those whose research contains a textual linguistic element to it. In his spare time, Nathan enjoys competing in endurance sports, travelling or visiting friends and family. Follow his IG @nritchie9

Cintia Silva Huxter

Photo of  Cintia Silva Huxter


School of Social Sciences

Cintia’s research focuses on the spaces of encounter where women from different ethnic backgrounds come together in post-conflict Kosovo. Using an ethnographic approach, Cintia hopes to add a gendered perspective to existing intergroup contact research in post-conflict societies, and to understand its place within the wider process of conflict transformation. Cintia has previously worked as a Research Assistant at the EU Fundamental Rights Agency and the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna. She has also worked on the Youth Programme of the European Commission, where she facilitated several workshops across the EU on equality and non-discrimination. Cintia was born in Portugal and currently lives in York. She loves the sunshine and the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.