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Café Academique

We are pleased to announce the return of Café Academique.

This is a unique, popular, social and educational event for Doctoral Researchers to share and discuss their research with fellow Doctoral Researchers in a relaxed and informal setting.

Our next Café Academique will take place online on 8th September 2020 (12-13:30) and there are five fantastic doctoral researchers that have put themselves forward to take the 'stage':

  • Aaron Eames - "'Did Oscar Wilde Really Say That?" - Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Callie Merrick - "A multisensory approach to human wetness perception" - School of Design and Creative Arts
  • Thomas Baker - Title tbc - School of Aeronautical, Automotive, Chemical and Materials Engineering
  • Theresa Wege - Title tbc - "School of Science"
  • Fiona Meeks - Title tbc - Loughborough University London

Book your place via the Development Portal - in due course you will receive a link to this online event.

Want to present your research at the next Café Academique?

To present your work to a multi-disciplinary and supportive audience, please get in touch with Dr Katryna Kalawsky via email and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • School/Dept.
  • Year of study
  • An attention/interest sparking title 
  • A brief description of your research (consider what? why? how? what? so what?)

All selected speakers will be offered feedback by the Doctoral College prior to Café Academique taking place.

Previous Café Academique presenters are listed below.

July 2019:

  • Akash Ratnayaka - "Super storage solutions with capacitors" - School of Science
  • Enefola Odiba - "Creating a Culture of Quality for Organisational Success" - School of Architecture, Building & Civil Engineering
  • Leah Henrickson - 'Who is the Author of the Computer-Generated Text? - School of Art, English and Drama

May 2019:

  • Diana Mehta - "Cleaning up our act on energy" - School of Science
  • Chris McLeod - "You can't eat that now!" - School of Sport Exercise & Health Sciences
  • Lucy Zhu - "Why there are people crazy about eSports?" - School of Sport Exercise & Health Sciences
  • Alistair Wilson - "Blockchain: What it is, what it isn’t and why it matters" - School of Architecture, Building & Civil Engineering

May 2018: 

  • Hugh Tawell - "It's time to wake up to sleepness sickness" - School of Science (Chemistry)

  • Gori Olusina Daniel - "Do bribes work?" - Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Loughborough University London

  • Vani Naik - "Women professors: an oxymoron" - School of Business and Economics

 February 2018:

  • Mohsen Sayyah - "What is Sports Biomechanics? An application in springboard diving” - School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences

  • Anthony Quinn - "Why does Vehicle Crime repeatedly occur in certain parts of Leicestershire?" - School of Social, Political and Geographical Sciences

  • Beth McMurchie - "Finding fingerprints in the dark" - School of Science (Chemistry)

  • Dan Wright - "Overheating in UK homes" - School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering

 July 2017:

  • Avinoam Baruch"How citizen science could change the way we respond to disasters"  - School of Social, Political and Geographical Sciences

  • Matthew Healey - "Tainted blood: A search for prions" - School of Science

  • Sophia Tetteh - “How to design a face”  - Loughborough Design School

  • Aron Sherry - “Should we have chair-free classrooms?” - School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences