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Collaborative Working

Collaborative working skills are something that we use daily, and it is important to know how to use them appropriately in the work context. We have identified four strands of collaborative working skills important to your career.

Building relationships

The ability to work collaboratively both within and across different teams is a crucial skill to have in the world of work. Unlike your other social circles that you choose to engage in, you will need to engage and build effective working relationships with people from a variety of different backgrounds, ages, races, faiths etc. Therefore, it is important that you can build relationships with diverse people and adapt your style accordingly to the people you are working with.

Organisational skills

In team environments being able to organise a team and tasks effectively is essential to make sure things are delivered to deadlines. Having the ability to oversee a project, schedule tasks and keep a group on track is required too.

Taking responsibility

When working collaboratively, employers are looking for employees to be able to take responsibility for the completion of a project or task. This means you taking ownership of certain tasks and actions and ensuring other also take responsibility for their work. Having good independent working skills, leadership and flexibility.

Collaborative challenges

Often in team environments, due to the nature of the diverse teams we are, people have different views and approaches. This can sometimes lead to challenges. Learning to be objective and seeking to understand others’ views, experiences and appreciating their expertise is a key skill in overcoming collaborative challenges. This may sometimes mean abandoning your own solution and accepting another team member’s. This will help to maintain good relationships and healthy team environments where all people’s views are heard and considered.