Unlock Your Full Potential

For some students, we know that the university experience involves overcoming additional barriers. Our projects are holistic in their approach, focusing on helping you to unlock your full potential while studying at Loughborough. You’ve already achieved so much to be here – now we’ll help you to build your skills and confidence so that the sky’s the limit!

Academic Success Coaching

Three students at an event

Our Academic Success Coaches provide exclusive 1:1 coaching, group coaching, workshops, and resources to help you achieve your full potential while studying at Loughborough University.

The team will help you to identify and play to your strengths, increase your confidence, and improve your academic performance, working with you to develop and understand key skills and traits such as:

  • Procrastination
  • Exam Techniques
  • Perfectionism
  • Motivation/Confidence
  • Presentation Skills
  • Resilience
  • Time Management
  • Organisation

We collaborate with various other support services, working closely with colleagues across campus to compliment existing support and bring you content in these areas.

Depending on who you are and where you are in your student journey, there is a tailored offer to enable you to achieve academic success (in whatever way that looks for you). 

If you are a UK student, the following is available to you: 

If you are an international student, you are entitled to exclusive support from the Academic Language Support Service who can offer you a range of fantastic workshops (in person and virtual) and online resources through the English Language Support LEARN Module (LUA010)

While 1:1 coaching is not currently available to our postgraduate students, we offer select workshops and sessions throughout the year which you can take advantage of. Please keep an eye out for what is available to you by clicking here.

Personal Best

A large group of students sat around tables at a presentation for Personal best

Personal Best is an exclusive development framework for Loughborough students focused on all three areas of a students’ life at university – academic, personal, and professional (career).

Helping you to balance your skills across all three dimensions, the online Web App offers a range of different badges and activities for you to complete to achieve your Personal Best Award during your time at university.

This video shows the Sustainability Hackathon event in March 2023, run in collaboration with LSU Enterprise and sponsored by Computacenter.


Ready Set Loughborough is a development pathway completed by students before they arrive at Loughborough University. It shares important information about life at university including our community, wellbeing support, expectations, and top tips for study success.

First Year Students

Personal Best is built into your studies and focuses on reviewing your skills, goal setting and reflection. These are key skills that are helpful for coursework and exam revision as well as for life outside of academic study.

Second Year Onwards

The Student Success Academy provides a tailored package of extra-curricular opportunities (activities, workshops, and events) to help you further develop your skills across all three dimensions.

Personal Best Award

Students who complete a set number of activities on their Personal Best journey will be eligible for the Personal Best Award. This is a valuable testament to the extra-curricular progress you have made to maximise your experience at Loughborough, which will appear on your transcript and can be highlighted to employers through your CV.

1:1 appointments and a workbook (digital and physical) are available to provide personalised support to help you to navigate the completion of the Personal Best Award in a way that works for you.

Open to all – Personal Best: My Story

A series of talks from Loughborough Alumni where our guest speakers provide unique insights into their career journeys, entrepreneurial experiences, and the skills they’ve developed along the way. 

Alumni share their top tips, and these events offer you the opportunity to network with your peers and staff, too. A great opportunity to learn more about specific industries and be inspired!

Maximising your Money

Learn to budget your money, navigate the cost of living, eat healthily on a budget, attend specialist events in Student Money Week and discover work opportunities with the Careers Network. Access information on bursaries, scholarships and grants supported by SASS team. 

Talent Match Internships

Talent Match, connecting Loughborough talent with business

Talent Match is our paid internship scheme offering you two forms of meaningful work experience with SMEs and start-ups during your time at university.

Micro-Internships (for Part A and B Students)

Our flexible micro-internships or project-based opportunities are a great chance to access paid work experience for up to 50 hours that fits well around your studies and other commitments. As well as the chance to work with SMEs and start-ups, there are also opportunities to work within Loughborough University departments. We expect the scheme to launch in October so keep an eye out for more info!

Finalist (Part C and D students) and Graduate Internships

This programme has been designed to provide Final Year (undergraduate) students the chance to secure some professional work experience ahead of graduating by working on a flexible graduate level project. The opportunities are paid and are 100 hours in length. The 100 hours can be flexed across a number of weeks (to be agreed with the employer you are recruited by) and will typically take between 4-8 weeks to complete. All roles are all exclusive to Loughborough students.

Talent Match Summer Internships

This programme has been designed to provide first, second, placement year and final year undergraduate students and recent graduates (no current Post Graduate Taught Students) the chance to gain paid professional work experience by working on a project within a University Department. The opportunities are full time for 8 weeks with the exception of the teaching award roles which are 10 weeks. The internships are hybrid, or completely in person roles based at Loughborough University. All roles are all exclusive to Loughborough students.

Impact to date

  • 357 different students engaged with one of our Maximise Your Money workshops and events over 2023-24.
  • 696 students boosted their skills for success at and after university through workshops and events.
  • 200+ Personal Best awards achieved in 2023-24.

Last updated: 20th May 2024