Get Ahead Together

Many students sat at 8 round tables for a Student Success Academy event

Get Ahead Together is a six-week group mentoring programme which helps you to:

Get Ahead Together is a group mentoring programme which helps you to:

  • Feel part of your academic school and university community
  • Get supported with your transition into life at university  
  • Get first-hand advice from your experienced peer mentors 
  • Gain knowledge on study skills, maximising your money, securing work opportunities, and navigating challenges at university. 

Attendees will receive:

  • A free weekly meal!
  • A workbook full of useful resources and tips
  • An allocated mentor from your academic school
  • Advice and workshops from staff at the university

 Semester One Sessions – These take place throughout October - November.

  • Step into Study at Loughborough
  • Maximising your money
  • Securing work opportunities
  • Navigating challenges at university with confidence

Semester Two Sessions – These take place throughout February – March.

  • Navigating your future success: Placements, internships and work experience
  • Assessment resilience: Tools for coping with exams, essays and group projects
  • The ultimate student house survival workshop
  • Success in your second year: Managing the step-up

The sessions are run by the Student Success Team and the peer mentoring sessions are co-designed and delivered by students for students.

To register your interest in this programme early, or if you’re a current student and are interested in becoming a Peer Mentor for the programme (paid work opportunity), please email us.

Last updated: 16th February 2024