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Lboro Talent Match

Loughborough Talent Match has been designed to help organisations with their recruitment.

We offer a wide range of options to support you, whether this is simply advertising a role on our careers portal, or working with us to market exclusive opportunities for Loughborough students/graduates, we are here to help. We do have a limited amount of funding available (subject to criteria).

Talent Match is Live

Many thanks to those that attended our Launch Event on February 1st. We are really pleased to announce that Talent Match is now live! We have two Internship Programmes this year - Micro-Internships and Graduate Internships. We have funding available for both programmes and further information can be seen below. If you would like to talk more about Talent Match please reach out to us on


Our Micro-Internship programme is a great opportunity to get support from our fantastic students on a very flexible basis. 

Key Information 

  • 40 hour long Internships
  • They can stretch across a number of weeks, we are suggesting between (4-8 weeks)
  • Student(s) will be able to come in and support on a specific project or piece of work during this period
  • Opportunities will be aimed at our first and second years
  • If you are impressed by the student, we would suggest offering them further opportunities in your business, whether this is through Part Time work, Summer Internship etc
  • Top talent available 
  • The roles will be fully funded* by the University 
  • First round of opportunities will be launching in February - please reach out to us

We are keen to source opportunities now, with the first round of roles launcing to students in February. If you are interested in hosting a Micro-Internship, please can you reach out to us on We would be more than happy to talk through this in more detail. 

*Funding is always subject to availability. We have a limited amount of this available and we will be operating on a first come first serve basis (once the opportunity is secured by one of our students). 

Graduate Internships

Our Graduate Internship Programme is a great opportunity for you to take on one of our fantastic graduates to work on a key project for your organisation. We encourage organisations to view this as a 'try before you buy' or a 'long interview'. During the Internship the Graduate will have the opportunity to showcase their knowledge, skills and talent to progress your business forward. After the completion of the Internship you may be inclined to want to keep them in the role.  

Key Information 

  • 140 hour (35 hours per week) opportunity 
  • Spread across 4 weeks (can be slightly more flexible - speak to us about this)
  • Aimed at Graduates 2021 and Graduates 2022
  • The role will need to be 'graduate level
  • Top Talent available 
  • Will be launching the first round of roles in April
  • Fully Funded by the University*

We are keen to source oppportuinties now, ahead of the initial April Launch. If you are interested in hosting a Graduate Internship, please can you reach out to us on We would be more than happy to talk through this in more detail. 

*Funding is always subject to availability. We have a limited amount of this available and we will be operating on a first come first serve basis (once the opportunity is secured by one of our grads). 

Why should you recruit our students?

There are many reasons why you should want to recruit our brilliant students and graduates at Loughborough University. We remain a Top 10 University in all of the UK league table rankings and excel across many disciplines. The courses themselves are high quality, highly ranked and accredited with many containing industry-based content, allowing the students to understand not just the theory but also the practicality of what they are studying. 

Our students are highly driven and with many of them playing high level sport they have the competitive edge often required to be successful in the role. Loughborough students are confident, self-assured and have fantastic interpersonal skills, which all means they are ready to hit the ground running when they start a role. Take a look at our case studies below. 

What support can we offer?

For those employers that choose to make their roles exclusive to Loughborough University students/graduates we can offer a number of ‘free’ services to ensure we support the employer throughout the whole process.  This includes:

  • Advice and guidance on writing an engaging advert
  • Advice on job specifications and developing a role suitable for graduates
  • Sifting through applications 
  • Working with the applicants to ensure a high calibre of application (may need wider support on this)
  • Marketing and communicating the roles out to the graduates - Interview support and advice
  • Chance to utilise space on campus to host interviews/any other stage of recruitment process
  • Account management – you will be able to speak to a member of our team about any issues

Services to other employers

For all other employers who would like to promote opportunities, the team can:


  • Upload the role on to our careers portal
  • Market and communicate your role out to finalists/graduates
  • Recommend that students/graduates reach out to our team to get necessary support 
  • Provide a courtesy call to see if the employer has received applicants from Loughborough finalists/graduates and whether there are any further opportunities.


Rener Wellbeing Rener Wellbeing

The Talent Match team were very helpful at every stage of the process and we found two fantastic candidates for our summer roles. Working with the Careers Network saved us A LOT of time, compared to if we had to post, and recruit for the role ourselves.

Claire Lacey Design Claire Lacey Design

'I have already mentioned the Talent Match Programme to my upholsterer! I knew the calibre would be high...and out of 6 candidates I hired two.'

Hashtag Me Hashtag Me

'I would recommend using the Careers Network as their support, experience and expertise has made this a smooth and effective process that has had a significantly positive effect on our business.'